Young Liberian activist #Elijah G. Manyon tells how Covid-19 has changed his life


It is difficult to understand how only a few months ago November 2020), life was normal. Now everything has flipped over because of the corona virus disease (COVID-19). 
Directly or indirectly, every life on earth is affected by the outbreak of this deadly pandemic.
But as it is often said,
"every sky has a story".
Young Liberian activist Elijah G. Manyon explained how his life has changed over the last few months.
Elijah G. Manyon is an inspirational and young Liberian who always longs for his future to reveal itself in its own time.
Elijah believes that his destiny is determined and will be judged by how resourceful and vigilant he is.
When he was asked in an interview about how he sees life, this was his anser.
"If the ones who died yesterday only knew why they are dead today, our love for time would be broken, but life would last forever. But no one knows why he would be dead because his heart has not told him."
In this quotation,
The young Liberian describes man as living with out a word.
Living to accept, instead of make.
Living to pray, instead of rebellion.
Prior to the emergence of the deadly CoronaVirus,
Elijah had planned to forward his studies.
It was not long in his quest to begin his university education that Liberia was hit by the scourge of the pandemic.
Indeed this was a new challenge that a poor country like Liberia had to fight to overcome.
It is in the midst of this challenging time in Liberia that Elijah's life has been changed.
Here is what he has to say about his own experience with fighting the Virus.

"When the year 2020 started, I had dreams and hopes. But all these have vanished into thin air and have been replaced with anxiety and hopelessness. You see, I worry first about keeping safe and healthy during this time as well as keeping body and soul together."

"It goes beyond my imagination how a virus can spread so rapidly, bringing everything to a standstill and disrupting millions of lives, he said; "I never imagined my life would just change for the worst in a matter of days. He added.
When COVID-19 cases started increasing in Liberia, in March, Elijah said, he never anticipated a lockdown. Even though Elijah knew the disease was serious, he secretly hoped it would be contained without causing major disruptions. 
"how many people will survive COVID-19? Elijah Asked.
Through out the life of this motivational Liberian,
his love for humanity and his respect for all men is undeniable.
As he concludes,
he sees the survival of men, women, boys and girls around the world who have become victims of a sudden outbreak.
This is how Elijah concludes his message of Covid experience.
I am fighting a serious tension in my head.
It is very scary. I am sure a lot of us have ‘experienced’ the symptoms in our heads. I certainly have woken up thinking I am running a fever only to realise I am just imagining it. Just having any slight cough is enough to make me panic, Not to mention the stares this attracts.
 We will all need therapy after this difficult moment."
This story leaves us all with nothing, but to reflect on our family days.
Our working days.
The days that were once celebrated by all men on earth.

As the world prepares to recover,
Elijah calls on all of us to unite in spirit, to build and cultivate love for one another more than ever.
Remember this.
 We will all need therapy after this difficult Moment."

Elijah G. Manyon born on July 24 1999, is a young Liberian advocate for youth all around the world, especially those with disabilities.
He began his mission for change in 2015, when he first visited a street in Liberia and saw how difficult and suppressed young girls and boys were.
Up to this date,
Elijah remains recognize by thousands around the world for beginning his vision and mission to change the world.

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