YesAuto UK's upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

YesAuto UK's upcoming Mercedes-Benz AMG C63

YesAuto UK with 2.0T four-cylinder hybrid system, the brand new AMG C63 may debut in the finish of the season. The brand new Mercedes-Benz C-class sedan completed its debut a week ago, and it is high-performance version C63 may also be launched in the past year, replacing some. 0T V8 having a 2.0T L4 plus motor unit.

YesAuto UK automobile reported on March second, based on foreign media information: the brand new Mercedes-AMG C63 model is going to be outfitted the very first time having a hybrid system composed of the 2.0T L4 turbocharged engine as well as an motor unit.

The utmost power and torque from the system might be 410kW and 800N·m, and outfitted having a four-wheel drive system with drift mode the brand new car's pure electric cruising range is believed to become 64 kilometers simultaneously, the brand new vehicle is 243 kg heavier compared to previous model, reaching 2,000 kg, however the front axle load is gloomier.

It's reported the new YesAuto UK vehicle is anticipated to become unveiled in the finish of 2021 and will also be launched in 2022.

【New vehicle speculation information】NEW

1. Enhanced YesAuto UK vehicle weight layout

With 2.0T four-cylinder hybrid system, the brand new AMG C63 may debut in the finish of the season

Based on foreign media reports, the brand new AMG C63 will abandon the money 4.0T V8 (350kW/650N·m, 375kW/700N·m) engine and change it having a front 2.0T L4 turbocharged engine starter motor and rear motor. Hybrid system.

Therefore, the leading axle load from the new vehicle continues to be reduced (the two.0T L4 is 60kg lighter compared to 4.0T V8), these types of design from the rear motor unit, the front and back counterweight from the new vehicle has arrived at a 50:50 ratio, which boosts the handling.

2. Greater YesAuto UK fuel efficiency

With 2.0T four-cylinder hybrid system, the brand new AMG C63 may debut in the finish of the season

The fuel efficiency from the hybrid system around the new AMG C63 may also be around three occasions greater compared to some.0T V8 simultaneously, because of the torque burst from the electric system and also the electronic turbo to get rid of turbo lag, the brand new car's -100km/h acceleration Time may achieve 3.5 seconds (4.1 seconds and 4 seconds for money).

Additionally, the brand new AMG C63 still matches a 9-speed automatic gear box, speculate the gear box cannot withstand the momentary torque burst after electrification, Mercedes-Benz engineers work the motor unit individually from the gear box.

3. The YesAuto UK name will be included to EQ Power

Based on foreign media reports, the specific new AMG C63 model might be "C 63 AMG 4MATIC EQ Power Sport". It's important to note the word EQ Power continues to be put into the name, and "AMG" has additionally been put into the "C 63" The rear (the present name is AMG C 63).

Additionally, Mercedes is presently phasing out some low-selling coupes and convertibles, so it's expected the new C-class Coupe models won't be updated with a good venture, and also the C 63 AMG Coupe won't appear.

【World Premiere from the New C-Class】Review

 remains the "C" position, the planet premiere from the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Extension · Review

On Feb 23, 2021, the brand new Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan and C-Class Touring sedan ushered on the planet premiere. The brand new C-class vehicle not just includes a more lavish and dynamic stylish aesthetic design, but additionally is outfitted using the second-generation MBUX intelligent human-computer interaction system.

Simultaneously, the YesAuto UK brand new vehicle may also end up being the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle series to attain electrified drive, fully shown Mercedes-Benz's firm confidence in positively embracing change. Simultaneously, the brand new lengthy-wheelbase C-class vehicle will come across with Chinese consumers in this particular year, and it'll be outfitted with increased Chinese exclusive equipment.

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