Why build an FPV drone?

Why build an FPV drone?
FPV drone

The way FPV is different from ordinary (mavic type) UAVs is that it is a "manual" UAV. It's like driving an autopilot and driving a car manually, or driving a bicycle with auxiliary wheels and no auxiliary wheels. When a djitype UAV automatically levels and maintains its height automatically, an FPV drone must manually control in all aspects, namely its height, rotation and speed.

Another obvious difference is the first person perspective. During the flight, the pilot receives video from the camera on the four axis aircraft through a set of FPV goggles.

Why build FPV drone?

If your goal is just to get slow, dreamy movie shots of some mountains or landscapes, don't build an FPV drone! Buy DJI mavic or something like that, which is beginner friendly and usually comes with a higher resolution camera. The reason people build FPV drones is for freedom! It allows them to have absolute control over their UAVs, and go in any direction / rotation / direction and make special effects, and participate in super high speed competitions. Some drones like cinehoops can also be used to make slow movie clips, you see? It gives you a lot of freedom to create any special day or feeling device you want. Does that sound interesting?

However, I have to warn you that flying FPV drones requires a lot of practice and patience (I practiced many hours on the simulator before my first flight). You may need months of practice to do somersaults and crazy moves. On the bright side, once you learn it, there's nothing like the adrenaline it releases in our blood vessels!

tom lee