What should we pay attention to when buying a used car

Check the exterior and interior of the car

Check the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Carfax says look at the outside of the car and check for scratches, dents and rust. You may not need to worry about small jingles or scratches, but larger damaged areas may attract attention.. It's also a good idea to open and close doors, hood and trunk to see how easy they move. KBb recommends checking the interior of the hood, trunk and door for paint spillage and ensuring that the color of the vehicle matches all components. If you notice that the paint is overspray or does not match, the part may be repaired and repainted.

You need to test drive a used car

According to Edmonds, a test drive can help you determine the condition of the car and whether it is suitable for you. KBb says you may need to turn the key to the "accessory" position before starting the engine. You should see that all the warning lights on the instrument panel are on. If they do not light up or remain on when the ignition is switched on, ensure that the problem is checked.

KBb recommends listening to click and click sounds when starting the engine, which may indicate a problem. Open your eyes and ears during the test drive. Carfax recommends driving the car at different speeds on different types of roads to see if the transmission moves smoothly. Please pay attention to any abnormal engine or braking noise and whether all electronic equipment in the car works normally. In addition, please make sure the brakes work properly and don't pull the car aside, Carfax said.

Is it better to buy a used car with a low mileage?click here buy a used car

Used cars with low mileage can certainly attract people, but they don't necessarily attract them a lot. Low mileage certainly means less wear and longer life. However, if cars are rarely driven, car traders say plastic and rubber parts may dry up and become brittle on the vehicle. When the vehicle is used consistently, it is also better for the transmission system. Auto traders and medical say you may end up with a vehicle that needs a lot of repair and repair. In the long run, it may cost you more.

It is wise to check the mileage of a used car, but remember that the maintenance and use of the vehicle may be more important than what the odometer says.

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