Welcome to the Commercial Division of Pure Light Technologies

Welcome to the Commercial Division of Pure Light Technologies
Pure Air with Pure Light
Welcome to the Commercial Division of Pure Light Technologies

Hospitality Industry and Others Leap Forward
Saving Money with New “Green” Technology

Press Release:

I think I have found the best money saving GREEN technology available today for the Business world. This process, originally developed by NASA, then enhanced and patent pending by Pure-Light® Technologies Inc. is now offered to the public as the PURE-LIGHT® SUPER OXYGEN® GREEN technology.

Now, hotels, time shares, nursing homes, day care centers, schools, universities, aircraft, cruise ships, military facilities, along with home and building owners, businesses everywhere can economically provide a cleaner fresher environment by simply changing their light bulbs and putting a long-lasting coating on the hard surfaces throughout their buildings. They save money on lower electrical bills by changing A/C room temperature and using LED bulbs with tax advantages and rebates now being offered to those who go “GREEN” with Pure-Light® Super Oxygen® LED lighting.

Pure-Light® “GREEN” offers a new twist to a proven science and made it available to the public worldwide. They have patented a new way to create a cleaner fresher environment – by simply turning on a light bulb. This new technology is causing building engineers to develop and understand a whole new concept in building maintenance and protection. Aware and informed building engineers are getting trained NOW.
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NASA needed a way to clean the air in the space station and, after a billion dollars and years of research, they discovered what mother nature offered as a solution to naturally provide our atmosphere with clean fresh oxygen and reduce bad bacteria in the environment. NASA took the science, expanded it, made it portable, and used it in the space station. Now, Pure-Light® has enhanced that science and made it 4 times more powerful without the dangerous ultraviolet lights or expensive replacement filters used by NASA.

Pure-Light® testimonials are “Mind Blowing” and now building engineers are learning how to implement the Pure-Light® science to protect their buildings at a newly designed “Train-The-Trainer” program provided by Pure-Light®. They are learning how to train and supervise their staff to install and activate the totally “GREEN” Pure-Light® Technology.


You see, the science originates in the dirt beneath our feet and when the sun shines on certain elements in the dirt, oxygen is produced. Building engineers are now learning how to take advantage of that process and improve the environment of their facilities for a fraction of the maintenance costs by using Pure-Light® unique Super Oxygen® bulbs and surface coatings.

The use of Pure-Light® Super Oxygen® bulbs and surface coatings reduce high electrical energy bills by enabling property owners and management companies to turn the A/C back to normal temperatures. They no longer must freeze the room out to eliminate the stale musty odor guests find so offensive. No longer do properties need to spray harsh dangerous chemicals and offensive deodorizers all around the rooms and throughout the facility in a never-ending endeavor to combat VOCs and bacteria odor problems. They can literally purify the air with Pure-Light®. Guests are returning to their rooms without dread because of the breathing issues they may have had from being confined in a room with toxic VOCs and mold. For some, those musty rooms affect their sinuses and lungs and for many there are allergic reactions in the form of headaches, feeling tired, and itchy skin.

Now Pure-Light® is providing effective Super Oxygen® GREEN technology without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals, high levels of alcohol and hypochlorous acid, or more dangerous items like bleach and ammonia repeatedly applied in a never ending expensive attempt to deliver the “best away from home” environment for the traveling public.

That is why Pure-Light Inc. has created a special training program for the maintenance personnel of properties around the globe. Pure-Light® has captured the essence of saving money while providing a better, “Clean and Green” environment for everyone. Those fortunate travelers staying in a Pure-Light® Green maintained facilities, can enjoy their stay with the confidence they have a home away from home they can safely enjoy and return to time and time again.

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Written by Robert Kemper - International Hospitality Technology Consultant for over 25 years, Maintenance Systems Design, Interior Damage Restorations Specialist, Odor Removal, Specifying Designer for Maintenance Economy and Cleanliness, Awarded Industry Angel for the National Home Fashions League, National Speaker and Trainer for the “Innovators”, Restoration Consultant for all Major 5-Star Hotels and Insurance Companies.

For Training Reservations contact: [email protected] / Director Commercial Division