Unicycle.com Announces Release of New Nimbus Mountain Unicycle

Unicycle.com Announces Release of New Nimbus Mountain Unicycle

Marietta, GA: Unicycle.com, which for the last 23 years has been the foremost supplier of the unicycle community, is proud to announce two new and exciting entries to their catalog of products. Visitors to their website will be pleased to find a new Nimbus 27.5” Mountain Unicycle in Racing Green, as well as a new set of long-range Nimbus VCX PLUS 170 ISIS Cranks.

The new Nimbus 27.5” Mountain Unicycle is both visually stunning and extraordinarily tough. Finished in racing green, this remarkably durable mountain unicycle is built to conquer the terrain. Perfect for rugged mountain slopes and local trails alike, this unicycle is a joy to ride.

It features an incredibly tough Nimbus II MUni 27.5” steel frame in racing green, with 42mm machined maincap bearing housings and an IS disc brake mount. It’s fitted with a 25.4mm x 300mm, 4 hole, aluminum seatpost with a welded rectangular mounting bracket as well as a 28.6 black Nimbus DoubleQuick seatpost clamp. It’s also attractively outfitted with a comfortable Nimbus Racing Green saddle with a front lift handle.

The onewheeler also features a Nimbus 36H A/S Disc ISIS Hub, 100mm from center bearing to center bearing, The wheel features 14G stainless steel spokes with silver nibbles and an aluminum doublewall Nimbus Dominator 2 rim with reinforced eyelets. The tire size is 27.5” by 3.0” (with a tube size of 27.5” x 3.0”), well-designed for handling, traction, and stability.

It also comes with grey, 150mm Nimbus VCX ISIS cranks (considered more durable than square taper cranks) paired to black Nimbus pedals (steel pins, CrMo axles, 9/16” threads). Overall, the unicycle tips the scales at 17 pounds.

Unicycle.com has also released Nimbus VCX PLUS ISIS 170 Crank long-range crank arms. More durable than square taper cranks, and with a more aggressive grip on the hub interface, these long-range crank arms allow greater leverage and control over their cycles. Deep pocket forged and CNC machined for both stiffness and strength, they may be the most versatile crank arms in Unicycle.com’s collection.

Regarding their specifications, they’re made with 6066 T-6 aluminum, polished, 114/142/170mm in length, and weigh 475g. They also exhibit nearly zero Q-factor, which is the amount by which a crank arm bends outward. While wider crank arms are better for ankle clearance, straighter crank arms are better for speed.

Unicycle.com is pleased to announce the release of these new products to better serve the devoted fanbase that has supported them through the years. Their team understands the commitment, fortitude, and patience necessary to become a proficient rider, and proudly salutes each and every rider’s determination. They’ve been taking over the world one wheel at a time, and the movement continues.

Interested customers can learn more about Unicycle.com’s mission or about these new products online at Unicycle.com. Customers are also encouraged to reach out to Unicycle.com’s customer service representatives directly at 678-494-4962 or by email at [email protected].

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