The training doll for makeup

The training heads doll is the omnipotent trainer, the favorite equipment of hairdressers, and the best friend of makeup masters. All these good things are about hair dummies, which are irreplaceable attributes for training and improving skills.

Many of these things are in the pictures or photos of the master's portfolio, and someone managed to see it alive or working with such equipment. There are rumors of any invention. They appear somewhere out of ignorance, in the eyes of ordinary people, to slander it.

In order to clarify and describe this product in more detail, here are 5 misunderstandings about the hairstyle and makeup of dolls.

Misunderstanding 1: The training head is only for professionals
The desire to buy a mannequin is not directly related to the experience of the master. How did this happen? The main goals that the head of training helped accomplish:

·Skills Training;

·New technology development;

· Styling hairstyles and braiding;

· Visual aids to complete the work.

For this purpose, we can safely say that the training supervisor is useful to all representatives of the beauty industry. A novice master will train every haircut, so that in the future he can safely hold the scissors to cut a live client's hair.

When professional hairdressers participate in training activities, they always bring a training person in charge to transform theory into practice on site. Real experts never stop learning, improving and mastering new technologies.

Misunderstanding 2: All mannequins are the same
The first thing you need to know is what material the training doll's hair is made of. The price of natural hair is almost always twice that of artificial hair.

At the same time, all the shortcomings of the synthetic line can be directly reflected in the work. It is forbidden to dry artificial hair with a hair dryer, curling with a curling iron, touching with a curling iron, pliers, cutting with professional tools, or even coloring.

Not every process can bring the desired result. When using natural hair, you can safely use all existing techniques and equipment.

Misunderstanding 3: The longer the hair, the better
After preparing the course for novices, it is best to buy a long-haired mannequin and use a device to study long and short hair trimming techniques.

However, most of the salon’s future clients are girls with medium haircuts. You should pay as much attention to this hairstyle as possible.

Myth 4: hair color doesn't matter
The influence of the mannequin's hair color is harmonious. Of course, the tailoring quality of dolls made by this master's skilled hands cannot be affected by the fact that the dolls used are blonde or black hair. But there is an interesting pattern.

The hairstyles of light-haired mannequins are more attractive and photogenic. But it is best to cut on dark hair, so that it will not be superfluous and will show all errors and imperfections clearly and immediately.

Myth 5: hair care products are not important
The training doll is an inanimate object and does not know what cosmetics to use for her hair. However, when the owner of the doll cannot comb his hair or notice how the hair leaves the plastic frame one by one, he will immediately understand his mistake.

To prevent this from happening, you should use high-quality cosmetics, including shampoo, perfume oil, hair mask and heat protection products.

How to take care of a mannequin
It is recommended not to wash the artificial hair at all, or as little as possible, so as to better protect the artificial hair. There are shampoos specifically for artificial hair, but any mild moisturizing shampoo can also be used. Wash your hair very carefully, and don't rub or curl when washing it.

Products made of artificial hair should not be combed when wet. Cannot be washed with hot water. Do not use alcohol-based care products.

Natural hair is washed with a nourishing or moisturizing shampoo. Dilute the shampoo in a basin with warm water, soak the hair for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it off with clean water. When washing your hair, don't rub or curl your hair, don't squeeze it.

After washing, apply sesame oil and wash your head. After washing, wring dry with a towel, and then dry. After the mannequin is dry, comb its hair with a wide-toothed comb.

In the mannequin, the hair will fall off the head. This is a natural process and normal. Of course, if not the entire strand of hair fell out. However, comb your hair as gently as possible, starting from the tips and working towards the roots.

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