The easiest method to Practice Applying Makeup Inside the Head model

If you are a budding cosmetologist or should uncover the simplest way to how you can how to apply makeup correctly, a head model is a great beginning point. Head models provide you with a simple method of practice fundamental makeup application. Obtaining a mannequin enables you to definitely certainly create a couple of mistakes, begin once more or practice multiple looks in a single application.

Ready Your Head model

Prep the head model (see Sources for suppliers) upon an alcohol-based wipe to wash the whole surface. Some practice head designs have a very removable only cover makeup application. For people who've one, put it on the head model and fasten it very similar. Allow the surface dry completely.

Choose your kind of makeup. If you wish to utilize powder makeup, ensure foundation, eyeshadow and blush can be found in powder form. If applying liquid or cream foundation, follow with cream-based blush creating. Apply foundation. Liquid or cream foundation ought to be applied obtaining a moist makeup sponge. Blend a skinny layer over entire face. Let dry for virtually every minute. If using powder or mineral foundation, dip and swirl your powder brush over powder and affect entire face, dusting gently.

Apply eyeshadow. The head model's eye lid will probably be thinner more than a human's lid, so utilize a small brush. Keeping application light, make use of a neutral base color (taupe, beige or champagne) from lid to brow bone. If using powder shadow, make use of a contour color. Utilize a lot much much deeper tone within the color, (brown, bronze or gold) and apply just within the crease inside the inner corner within the eye for your advantage within the lashes. Clean the comb obtaining a tissue and blend.

Apply eye liner (marker tip is easiest to start with). Obtaining a liquid liner, make use of a little difference immediately within the lash line to outer corner. Let dry. When the line looks too harsh, gently smudge obtaining a apparent, dry brush or possibly your finger.

Apply blush. Powder blush ought to be applied obtaining a brush. Cream blush ought to be applied obtaining a apparent, moist makeup sponge or fingertips. For cream blush, use three small dots. For powder, swirl brush in compact and tap to get rid of excess. Apply blush from cheekbone, sweeping for your temple.

Apply lipstick or lipsticks. For lipstick application, utilize a lip brush. Dip the comb lightly for that tube and affect lip, beginning within the center and out. Dip again and completely outline the lips. If color is simply too vibrant or overweight, blot obtaining a tissue or finger. For lipsticks, make use of the wand within the tube. For pot gloss, utilize a clean lip brush. Make use of a thin layer, working outdoors within the lips in.


Remember, focusing on a head model is completely different from focusing on real skin. The head model's skin is harder and fewer absorbent, so you will need less product. You're practicing fundamental brush and application technique. When focusing on a conventional face, you will notice more movement and pliability for the skin. Don't rest both hands or fingers anywhere which can be uncomfortable for virtually every real person. Utilize the brow bone or cheekbone to steady your brush hands.


Never use lip stain or oral cavity stain over the head model. It might leave permanent color in your ideas model. Repeated practice is essential to boost technique. Do color experiments and advanced techniques to your thinking model whenever you feel completely comfortable, then practice on people you're buddies with.

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