TAIJI Medical Supplies Inc., a U.S. PPE Manufacturer, Announces Expansion of Manufacturing Capacity Amid Expected Surge of COVID-19 and Influenza Cases

Lincolnton, N.C.—TAIJI Medical Supplies, Inc. (TMS), a United States manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has expanded their manufacturing capacity on Level I face masks and Level II surgical masks for a likely surge in COVID-19 and influenza cases in the upcoming fall and winter months.

The Centers for Disease Control just released a study entitled, "Effectiveness of Cloth Masks for Protection Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2", which concluded with alarming findings with regard to cloth masks. Part of the conclusion of the study stated: "The filtration, effectiveness, fit, and performance of cloth masks are inferior to those of medical masks and respirators. Cloth mask use should not be mandated for healthcare workers, who should as a priority be provided proper respiratory protection. Cloth masks are a more suitable option for community use when medical masks are unavailable.”

Meizong Yin, President and CEO of TAIJI Medical Supplies, Inc. stated, “We have successfully installed, tested and made numerous operational adult and children’s mask-making machines for the public, commercial and healthcare markets. TAIJI is ready to meet the surge demands when they occur in the upcoming months.”

TMS is also one of the very few companies in the U.S. that has multiple in-house machines that manufacture the core material used in filtration masks: melt-blown fabric.

“We have refined our manufacturing technique, overall processes and use higher quality materials to make our masks more comfortable for extended periods of wear,” Yin continued. “We feel confident that we can compete with any country on price and certainly can deliver faster than any overseas manufacturer.”

About TAIJI Medical Supplies, Inc.

TAIJI Medical Supplies, Inc. (TMS), based in Lincolnton, NC, is an American company that designs, manufactures and distributes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) directly and through a dedicated network of third-party distributors. TMS chose to address the growing PPE supply / demand issues through building their corporate and manufacturing teams in Lincolnton, North Carolina. Extensive industrial experience, deep supply chain roots and American ingenuity have allowed TMS to commercialize rapidly, thus resolving supply chain problems while bringing Americans back to work in a meaningful effort.


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