Select the right frsky receiver for your radio transmitter and quadcopter

Select the right frsky receiver for your radio transmitter and quadcopter
Select the right frsky receiver for your radio transmitter and quadcopter

In order for your radio transmitter to be able to talk to your quad, you need to install a frsky receiver in your model. The receiver is then connected to your flight controller.

Most frsky receivers receive 5V of energy directly from the flight controller. I've also seen a 3.3 volt receiver, so be sure to check the specifications before powering on!

The frsky receivers I listed in this article are all 5V. They are wired in such a way that they will automatically receive power from your flight controller (provided, of course, that you are connected correctly).

Type of receiver

Most receivers these days are of four types: PWM, ppm (or CPPM), SBUs, or DSM / dsmx / satellite. Depending on the brand of the transmitter, there are a variety of receivers for you to choose from.

PWM receiver

PWM receivers are old school and use a separate wire for each channel they receive. So if your radio sends six channels to your PWM receiver, you have to connect six wires from your receiver to your flight controller.

The radio compatible receiving modules of turnigy / FlySky 9x and FlySky fs-t6 and fs-i6 are PWM.

If you use these radios on a small four axis aircraft, you have to use their stock receiver and plug in at least four wires (four flight channels: pitch, roll, yaw and throttle) to your flight controller.

Ppm receiver

Ppm receivers are a step from a PWM receiver because they can send 6-8 channels all from a single wire. As you can imagine, this makes the lines on the Mini Quad clearer.

Small ppm receivers are usually 3-4 channel receivers compatible with ppm. In order to put a receiver, such as frsky d4r-ii in PPM mode, you must jumper (short out) the signal pin for channels 3 and 4 using jumpers provided in the packet. Then you can plug in a servo wire from channel 1 to your receiver (usually) channel 1 input to your flight controller.

Global receiver

The SBUs receiver is much faster than the PPM receiver. The delay in PPM receiver is 60-80 MS, while that in SBUs receiver is 10-20 Ms. Given that your Mini Quad is 60-80 + km / h, faster response times make a huge difference!

Another advantage of SBUs over ppm is that on a PPM receiver, such as d4r-ii, once you jumper channels 3 and 4 and output ppm from your receiver, you cannot use other channels.

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