Sarco, Inc. Sets the Standard for Hard to Find Firearm Parts and Accessories

Sarco, Inc. Sets the Standard for Hard to Find Firearm Parts and Accessories
Sarco, Inc. Sets the Standard for Hard to Find Firearm Parts and Accessories

Easton, PA: For well over sixty years now, customers in and around Easton, Pennsylvania have known that there’s one local authority for all things related to firearms, parts, historical collectibles, militaria, and outdoor sporting goods. From their location at 50 Hilton Street, they have been an invaluable resource for collectors and shooters when other shops simply don’t carry what they need. 

The thing about Sarco, Inc., and one of their central tenets that has made them so successful, is the fact that they specifically have taken strides to provide hard to find parts and accessories. Any local shop is bound to carry 12 gauge target shells, and might even have a few consignments. But Sarco, Inc., carries parts and accessories for historical giants like the M1 Garand or M1 Carbine, as well as a wealth of AR15 accessories for modern shooters. There’s a huge gulf of potential in between, and Sarco, Inc., covers it admirably. 

It all started with the Passion of Charles “Cholly” Steen, an avid collector of firearms, parts, accessories and items of historical interest. Soon his collection grew to nearly untenable proportions, and it was time to serve the local, national and international markets. His expertise was unrivalled, and his collection was nearly equally impressive. 

He named it “Steen Armament Research Company,” which has since become “Sarco,” and the company has continued to grow, through incorporation and even through relocation. Centering largely around the market for surplus parts and accessories, and capitalizing on their founders limitless experience and in-depth historical knowledge, there are few retailers that can provide the same level of service or breadth of offering.

Sarco, Inc., is more than just a venue by which interested gun owners can find special gun holsters like leather shoulder 1911 holsters, a bolt carrier group for a sporting rifle or even barrel bands for a Lee Enfield service rifle. It is a source of service that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s day and age - a shop with owners that know their business, know what they’re talking about, and can help get their customers in touch with what they need. 

Six decades of experience in this market require expertise, and even when a customer comes to Sarco, Inc., and asks for something specific that they don’t currently have on hand - unlikely as that is - the customer service team at Sarco, Inc., will work tirelessly to get that customer started in the right direction. That’s how well they know the market for the parts and accessories they sell. 

Customers that are interested to learn more about the company’s history or about the firearms, parts and accessories they currently have on hand, are encouraged to visit their in store location or their website. They can be reached at the latter at or by phone or email at 610-250-3960 or at [email protected] 

Charles Steen Sarco, Inc. 610-250-3960 [email protected]