Reuse these items and make cheap pots for your plants

Reuse these items and make cheap pots for your plants

People spend a lot of money on counseling fees of doctors, especially when they suffer from anxiety or even depression, which they can save by preventing themselves from these problems. Doing the same work regularly without any break can make a person feel frustrated, which can lead to stress or anxiety. Due to having a busy routine, an individual would take the stress of pending work, which he or she could not perform because of tiredness or boredom. People should understand the cause of their stress, sleeplessness, headaches, etc., and they should reduce these causes. There must be a balance in life, and excess of everything is bad. In order to earn more money, they try to do more work, but they have forgotten that they can not work continuously like a machine. Therefore they should take out some time for relaxation in which they can perform their hobbies. They can do creative things like gardening, painting, drawing, cooking, etc.

Inexpensive pots can be prepared for your plants using old things at your home with the help of paint, which means that you can do gardening as well as painting altogether. Further, you can save the environment by reusing items and reducing waste. This can even help you to save your hard-earned money. After knowing about all these benefits of creating containers for plants, it is obvious that you are definitely going to do this, so grab the paintbrush and show some creativity on the below-mentioned things to change them into pots. 

Plastic bottles and disposable cups 

Why is the emphasis given on reducing and restricting the use of plastic? Why is this not good for the environment because these can not be decomposed for a long time, which means the same polythene bag that you threw in the landfill will remain in the same condition for several hundred years. For this reason, the old plastic bags, bottles, containers should be reused to avoid the use of newer ones and to reduce the amount of waste. 

Forgiving them the shape of pots, these should be cut accordingly. Then, these should be washed properly by using dish soap and scrub. Next, you should paint them after making the surface rough using sandpaper. You should not forget to make the drainage holes so as to drain out the extra water which you put in the soil. Finally, you can place the plant which you have bought by doing online shopping for plants or from any market near to you, once the paint is dried out. You can even draw cute pictures and faces on them. 

Old clothes 

If you're bored of wearing your old clothes and thinking of getting rid of them, then there are many options for you. There are many needy people who would need these kinds of clothes, so you can give to them, or if your clothes do not fit anyone, then you can turn them into pots. This would be strange to you, but the thick clothes like jeans, jackets or your pants can be converted into a container. You can do this by stitching all openings in the cloth except one in which you can put the soil and then the plant. You can also make them small by cutting them before stitching.

Glass bottles and jars

When plants that can grow in water are placed in a glass vase, then the condition of its roots can be seen easily. Any problem in the roots of the plant would be cured at an early stage, so it is better to use a glass vase for growing plants in water. Old glass bottles & jars can be used for this purpose after cleaning them properly. Tying a jute rope on the upper portion of your glass jar would be a simple and beautiful design. You can even make a small and simple design using glass paint. You can buy plants online or plants like these, which can be grown in water for growing them in glass jars or bottles. 

Soda cans 

These cans can suffer from rust in the future, so you should better paint and apply anything to protect them from rust before using them for growing plants. There should be drainage holes in them as there is no space for extra water to come out of them. 


You would be surprised to know that you can use your damaged shoes for growing plants. People usually do not like to wear things that are out of fashion, so there would be a rare chance that someone would take these outdated things from you. Hence, you should better use them as pots in your garden after painting them. 

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