Ohio Furniture Store Sets New Standards for Eco-Friendly Practices

Ohio Furniture Store Sets New Standards for Eco-Friendly Practices

Peninsula, OH: Ohio Hardwood Furniture’s operations encompass more than a showroom with the finest designs in mid-century modern, contemporary, and even traditional furniture, all made to the highest standards of construction. The company has also made waves for its commitment to a variety of sustainable, responsible practices.

Ohio Hardwood Furniture is notable amongst furniture retailers in that it is also a producer of some of the finest designs in the country. Alongside names with rich histories deeply rooted in American history, such as Copeland Furniture, Thayer Coggin, and Hubbardton Forge, Ohio Hardwood produces its own furniture.

The company’s own furniture, however, is made to an uncommon level of quality and it was a focus on sustainability and minimizing waste. It starts with the hardwoods they source, harvest, and mill to produce their furniture and continues long after that.

Ohio Hardwood Furniture utilizes some of the finest American hardwoods in the construction of its furniture, including White Oak, Cherry, and Walnut. Their harvesting practices, however, set them apart. Whereas some foresters or loggers will harvest trees on a 3-year rotation, Ohio Hardwood’s suppliers will wait up to ten years, giving trees time to develop and mature before harvesting them. This is better not only for the quality of the timber it yields but also for the habitats in impacts.

Once harvested, Ohio Hardwood Furniture mills its own lumber, before producing each item of furniture by hand. Everything they sell and showcase as their own is entirely benchmade here in America by skilled craftsmen with years of experience to bolster their craft. Even after harvesting their lumber and finishing their products, their commitment to conscious practices has only just gotten off the ground.

Larger pieces of hardwood lumber that cannot be repurposed into items of furniture are used as fuel to heat the shops and homes of Ohio Hardwood Furniture’s employees. Sawdust, which is naturally absorbent and soft, is repurposed as bedding for livestock. Even the larger chips they produce in between get mulched for use in landscaping. As they say, they use every part of the tree, and they’re proud of it.

Ohio Hardwood Furniture may be remarkable for the fact that, even in this fast-paced, modern age, they are committed to doing better by the world in which they live, but it is not the only star in their crown. The company also promotes furniture made by some of the greatest companies and designers in history, including but not limited to Milo Baughman of Thayer Coggin Furniture, Leathercraft, Charleston Forge, Wesley Hall, and others. Among their collection of unique, contemporary furniture you’ll find highlights catering to all tastes - even designs merging contemporary and classic flair, like live edge dining tables.

It may not categorically be a Cleveland furniture store, but it is nearby enough to warrant a visit to any customers in the area looking for a break from the norm. Any interested customers who would like to learn more about the company’s processes are asked to contact them directly, either by phone at 330-657-2095 or by email at [email protected].


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