Nerve Renew Case Study and Medical Review: Effectiveness Measured Across 30 Cases of Peripheral Neuropathy

In this study, we focused on completed phase III clinical trials for the drug Nerve Renew and on the preclinical studies performed in the last 2 years.

From a sample size of 30 patients, 15 were given Nerve Renew twice daily and the other 15 were a control group administered a placebo drug twice daily.

Once the data was obtained, we crossed-analyzed it by comparing it with responses from 3 similar Nerve Renew reviews and several studies of ingredients found in Nerve Renew. We also used some online review platforms to trace, select, and analyze data gotten from those platforms. In all, the interview sessions were the most helpful.

Nerve Renew is Only Available on this Website (beware of counterfeits)

Results of our Nerve Renew Review

Conclusions we were able to draw after analyzing data collected in the nerve renew review:
• After 1 month 71% of the experiment group noticed some relief from neuropathy symptoms and 26% said their neuropathy symptoms were almost gone. Meanwhile only 6.6% of the control group noticed any relief from symptoms.
• After 3 months, both groups were surveyed again and 41% had noticed complete disappearance of numbness, burning, and pins and needles sensations, and 86.6% of the experiment group had significant relief from symptoms.
• 86.6% showed statistical improvement and no side effects were encountered.

Analysis of Results
• First, we must commend the 100% natural ingredient that is contained in this formula. The company succeeded in producing a complete No chemical formula, Nerve Renew does not contain any form of artificial ingredients, filler content, or any of its likes. It is just a 100% herbal remedy.
• It has no form of unpleasant side effects since the ingredients are 100% organic. This feature is what makes it stand out from the others.
• All the ingredients used in this formula went through intense medical scrutiny before they were picked. They were certified to deal with issues that relate to neuropathy.
• Those ingredients contained in Nerve Renew meant to fight neuropathy are biologically available which means that those ingredients are naturally designed to be a remedy for neuropathy. This means in essence that since the ingredients are naturally compatible, it dissolves faster when it gets to the body hence, Nerve Renew works faster than its counterparts.
• Again, unlike other formulas, the Nerve Renew is very safe for people with a history of diabetes or cardiovascular-related diseases. The company is very specific about who makes use of the formula and who cannot. As we have earlier warm, pregnant women or nursing mothers should avoid using this formula, but it must, the doctor's description is strongly advised.

Nerve Renew Company Review

Nerve Renew is produced by Neuropathy Treatment Group, a company using LifeRenew as its brand name. But the creator behind the formula is Wes Jones. From Wes's description we have gathered that the Nerve Renew formula is designed as a dietary supplement, so you hardly treat it as a drug. When consumed, it helps boost the Central Nervous System (CNS) and guards against any form of continued nerve damage on the patient. It repairs damaged nerves which often lead to impaired movement and pain. This is made possible with the help of those herbs used in the production of this formula which in turn, repairs all the damages done by Neuropathy. It builds a kind of shield around the somatic nerves and the central nervous system which is directly linked with those nerve pains. Some other function Nerve Renew performs in the body includes:
1. It helps improve blood circulation in the system.
2. It distributes important nutrients to the rest of the body cells
3. It helps protect the structure of the nervous system
4. It protects the body from severe inflammation
5. It assists the nervous system in fighting against any form of damage

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How Nerve Renew Works

From the way this formula is designed, it supplies enough antioxidants into the system which help fight inflammation and oxidative stress to prevent the condition from escalating. So when this transformation takes place, the pain is relieved. But as for other sensations like tingling, and numbness, the formula corrects it with the help of its herbs and vitamins. Talking about vitamins, Nerve Renew formula contains vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, and D contents. There is also alpha lipoic which is a type of antioxidant found in foods like potatoes, broccoli, yeast, spinach, e.t.c. In fact, all of its ingredients are listed on its label for clarification purposes.

How to make use of Nerve Renew

Nerve Renew is just like every other dietary supplement, it can be swallowed with water, or soft organic drink (if you wish). It has a prescribed standard dosage of two capsules (only) per day and must be taken after mail. It is therefore important to note that you are not meant to take this supplement on an empty stomach, carbonated, or alcoholic drinks. For pregnant and nursing mothers, we strongly advise that you consult your doctor before using this formula. Again, do not use this formula if you don't experience symptoms or have not been diagnosed with neuropathy. Finally, keep away from the reach of children.

Nerve Renew and Peripheral neuropathy treatment

Peripheral neuropathy is very common among adults from ages 40-60 years (and above) but rarely found among individuals from age 0 -18 years old. In a country like Nigeria for example, we have estimated over 1.5 million cases of Peripheral neuropathy sufferers which makes it very common in that part of the world. Also, we noticed that it is prevalent among diabetic patients. And this is where Nerve Renew comes in. Nerve Renew is the world's most sold gluten-free herbal solution designed purposely for Neuropathy-related pains, we at EHT Journal have put this product to test, and the result is what we have put together in this review.

More Information on Neuropathy

Neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy as it is formally called is a disease that affects the peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves are nerves beyond the spinal cord and the brain. Any damage inflicted on these nerves may negatively affect (worst-case scenario impair) some sensitive organs in the body, e.g. sensation, or movement. Moreover, there are possibilities that more than one organ can simultaneously be affected by neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy can be either acute or chronic. When it is acute, it usually has a sudden beginning and then escalates s overtime, and when it is chronic, the symptoms slowly progresses but starts on a subtle note and maybe permanent (depending on the approach it was given), though in most cases can be reversed.


While it is good that people suffering from some other ailments can take this supplement, we at EHT-Journal strongly advise that you seek your doctor's counsel before consuming it. Finally, NerveRenew has not only proven to be the best natural remedy against neuropathy but salvation to natural medicine. We also advise you to do away with any form of abuse of this formula. Do not swallow with alcohol or any kind of carbonated drinks, and do not consume it you are young than 18 years or not showing any neuropathy-related symptoms. Stay safe, live healthy. Thanks for reading.

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