Menu Design Group Releases New Turnkey Flat Rate One Time Cost Menu Design Packages

Menu Design Group (MDG) releases, new professionally designed restaurant menu design packages. Their designs are trifold, dine-in, and bi-fold, as well as carryout, tri-fold, and bi-fold. MDG's custom menu design features are available as one-time expenses. The design of all menus is tailored to the restaurant's concept. MDG incorporates best-in-class menu engineering optimizations to yield a phenomenal end product.

Chicago, Illinois, USA., September 9, 2021 -- Available now, Menu Design Group (MDG) releases custom, professionally designed restaurant menu design; carryout, trifold, dine-in, and bi-fold. Available at one-time costs, MDG offers a custom menu design that is more than just a stock template. All menus are designed around the restaurant brand's theme. In addition, MDG utilizes best-in practice menu engineering optimizations to get a final product that is simply stunning!

Any style, any size menu
Simple to read and well-organized
Easy to read and eye-catching

Guaranteed Signature Menu Design

Choose a menu template style, and send MDG the current menu, and they'll take care of the rest. If you do not have images of your food don't worry about that either. MDG will include royalty-free, HD media and images into the menu design. This white-glove approach towards design, will produce a completely custom menu template that 100% reflects your brand's image while accurately depicting menu items in an easy-to-read fashion. All menu design packages include:

Design and customization
Unlimited revisions
Layout Optimization
Food and Graphics Media

If for any reason, the Menu Design Group will provide a complete refund!

Professional Restaurant Menu Design Services

The Menu Design group utilizes best-in-practice menu engineering procedures. This means implementing the Golden Triangle, proper image captions, a balanced menu layout, and well-written item names and descriptions. When following these menu engineering steps, the final menu template design will be eye-catching, easy to read, and impactful.

Digital Menu Board Solutions

In addition to custom menu design, MDG now offers the ability for restaurants to digitally display their menu on a TV. Known, as digital menu boards, restaurants will now be able to remotely edit and control the menu being displayed on their TV using the Menu Design Groups, easy-to-use digital menu board software. This value-added service brings catchy designs to the big screen while advancing the way a restaurant's brand is perceived.

Simple Pricing

The Menu Design Group charges easy and affordable rates. This means simple pricing that is straightforward and at one time costs. All menu design template packages include:

A complete customized menu design
Free restaurant logo design (optional)
Unlimited proofs and revisions
The final menu design
Printable file to send to your local printer
Signature Menu Design Guarantee

About The Menu Design Group:
For over a decade, MDG has been custom designing restaurant menus from scratch! From classic chalkboard style menus, pizza menu templates, coffee shop menu templates, BBQ menu templates, to digital menu boards, MDG offers turnkey restaurant menu designs that are simply stunning!

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