Make your wedding day more perfect with trendy wedding cakes

Make your wedding day more perfect with trendy wedding cakes
Wedding Celebration

Weddings are an auspicious uniting of two souls that are meant to be together. This is a day when two people who love and genuinely care for each other pledge to be together and to stand by each other through every thick and thin. It is the beginning of their new lives as a united soul and as life partners. The whole ceremony is focused on these two love birds. They take their vows as a couple, exchange wedding rings, and are declared wife and groom. The whole evening is then a grand celebration with music, dance, and fun moments. Each family member gives a toast to the new couple and wishes them the best in their life ahead. It is a joyous moment to see two people deeply in love commit to each other for the entire experience that is to come.  

A well-known and fun tradition celebrated in the wedding ceremonies throughout the world is the cake cutting event. Here both the bride and groom come together to cut the cake as a sweet start of their new beginnings. People invest a lot in their wedding cakes as they are the center of the event that brings people closer together. Some specialists have hands-on experience in making designer Wedding cakes that perfectly suit the wedding theme or the personalities of the bride and groom. It can give an elegant or a hilariously cute touch to the event, depending on the couple’s wants. Let's discuss a few cakes that are hit at every wedding ceremony.  

Chocolate Cakes: 

Who doesn’t like chocolate? A mouth dripping with a bar of deliciously smooth textured chocolate is a thought that makes your mouth water in an instant. Not only this chocolate has a lot of health benefits as well. The flavor releases feel-good endorphins, which are an immediate mood booster. It keeps your brain healthy, improves your memory, and helps maintain your emotional health. Moreover, the best reason why a chocolate cake is best for an event like a wedding is that it releases a chemical called methamphetamine, a chemical that the brain releases when it feels like falling in love. Chocolate flavor can also be a worthwhile option for new year cake as well. 

Red Velvet Cake:  

Red Velvet is a traditionally red, brown, or scarlet colored velvet layered cake.  It is said to have its origins in Maryland in the early 20th century. It is considered as one of the most royal cake with its creamy texture and vibrant color. It is a delight for anyone. Moreover, the red color in India symbolizes the color of the bride, and overall, in general, the color red is also considered as a color of love and passion, making this cake all the more favorable in any wedding ceremony. 

Fruit Cake: 

Since the start, fruit cakes have been a traditional wedding cake. In history, it was so because, as these cakes were traditionally made of rum, it helped act as a preserver to the cake and so the cake could bear the travel and long decoration hours. It is a cake that is made stored fruits, and so it is also high in health value. A Fruit Cake is also the preferred choice of royal families because of its rich flavors and delicacy. 


This unique but equally delightful cake can be a showstopper to any wedding ceremony. The burning of the sugar syrup brings the flavor of caramel in this cake, and hence caramelizing it, it is one of the flavors that is not extensively used in events, and so if you choose this cake for your wedding celebration, it will give you an edge over others. The cake has a gentle golden shade to it, which symbolizes the warmth of the rising sun. 


Cheesecakes are extraordinarily delicious and are gaining popularity in context to wedding cakes. They have a smooth, creamy, softly, and rich texture to them and melt in your mouth immediately. It is the best and safest option for your wedding. 

Black Forest Cake 

Black forest cake has its origins in Germany and has layers of chocolate sponge sandwiched between soft whipped creams. The Black Forest is a classic wedding cake that is topped by delicious cherries and is enjoyed by one and all. Black forest cakes aid digestion, and the flavor tickles your taste buds. It acts as a perfect exotic dessert for an event such as weddings. 

To sum it up, cakes are an inevitable part of wedding ceremonies and a tradition followed for ages. A cake unites people and makes them cherish the event even more. Need a last moment cake arrangement? You can always opt for an online cake delivery option that will deliver directly to your doorstep, making it all the easier for you to focus on other wedding celebrations.

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