Logit.io Named as a Performer in Log Management & Data Analytics Award

Denton, Manchester., August 19, 2021 -- Leading log management and data analytics platform Logit.io has recently won three awards in Appvizer’s awards ranking the best log management and data analytics tools on their platform.

In addition to this, Logit.io has also been named as one of their certified partners for 2021.

Appvizer is the leading European media platform that helps digitalise companies by offering software solution comparisons and their fully translated profiles to assist IT leaders based in Germany, Spain, France and Italy in addition to its English language sites.

The B2B applications database covers over five hundred categories including IT solutions, CRM software & accounting services and includes over 10,000 software platforms.

To honour their top vendors, Appvizer has established a selection of award badges to certify not only the quality of the information presented by the vendor about their software but also to highlight the visibility of the software within their chosen category.

Most of their promoted solutions are Software as a Service (SaaS) software that does not require the user to install and host themselves (which also applies to Logit.io).

Appvizer awards its Performer awards to the most visible software on the platform, making Logit.io the most popularly viewed solution for both log management and data analytics.

“Logit.io’s awards for best log management and data analytics tools reflects our commitment to making the best open source technologies for Cloud Observability accessible to as many organisations as possible,” said Kieran Southern, CPO at Logit.io.

“We are delighted to be recognised alongside other leading technology companies for our team’s contributions in this rapidly changing landscape.”

Logit.io offers hosted ELK and managed Open Distro which is often used for fully comprehensive data analytics and log management alongside the following standalone use cases:

- Infrastructure monitoring
- Compliance & auditing
- Container monitoring
- Business analytics
- Uptime monitoring
- Cloud monitoring
- SSL monitoring

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As well as Appvizer’s category recognition Logit.io has also been recently named as one of Data Magazine’s top Manchester based big data startups due to exceeding their criteria as an exceptional big data company that employs innovative ideas and has shown exceptional recent growth.

Company Biography: Logit.io is used globally by thousands of users from public & private sector organisations to manage their logs and metrics for complete cloud observability, security and monitoring as well as data analytics and business intelligence.

Logit.io enables IT leaders at leading companies such as Maersk, IBM, Murphy Oil & Nikon to ensure complete observability of their operations and strengthen their security and alerting abilities.

Eleanor Bennett Digital Marketing Specialist Logit.io 76 Manchester Road, Denton, Manchester, M34 3PS [email protected] https://logit.io/