Learn Blockchain with Online Blockchain Courses

Learn Blockchain with Online Blockchain Courses

Technical skill development is one of the foremost requirements for boosting your career in the present times. Any new technology with the potential for changing the way businesses operate is a prospect for exploring new career paths. Blockchain is one such technology that is giving rise to numerous career prospects worldwide. If you learn blockchain, then you can find lucrative opportunities in the roles of blockchain architect, blockchain security professional, or blockchain developer.

However, diving into anything new is a completely challenging task for any individual, especially a beginner. Therefore, it is reasonable to look for resources that can help you gain insights into new technology for free. The following discussion helps you find out some of the best free blockchain courses available presently.

101Blockchains Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals

The assurance of a credible blockchain training platform is the first thing that beginners look for in block chain courses. 101Blockchains has emerged as one of the top platforms for enterprise blockchain practitioners in recent times. If you want to start your journey of learning blockchain, then 101Blockchains can be a trustworthy instrument for the same.

The platform brings the research and learning resources spanning diverse aspects of the blockchain ecosystem and provides the credibility of industry experts. The Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course is available completely free of cost to all interested learners. Furthermore, it is a great alternative for learning about blockchain technology to take your first step in the enterprise world. 

Candidates can explore the fundamentals of blockchain technology, it's working, and the potential ways to boost career growth. Professional consultants, executives, and project managers can also rely on this course for mastering the basics of blockchain and implications. The course covers many important topics related to blockchain as follows for career-related advantages to all candidates.

  1. Fundamentals of blockchain technology such as its definition and working of blockchain through infographics
  2. In-depth understanding of enterprise blockchain terminology such as permissioned blockchain, validators, consensus mechanisms
  3. Working of smart contracts, their benefits, and limitations
  4. Different industry verticals for blockchain transformation and leading sectors for blockchain adoption in 2020
  5. Insights on the impact of blockchain in transforming the world

Candidates can also evaluate their learning outcomes from the Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals free course through a bonus quiz. 101Blockchains also offers additional resources for candidates to hone their blockchain skills. 101Blockchains also brings the assurance of additional lectures and practical insights on blockchain technology. You can also obtain access to the live webinars with top industry experts with 101Blockchains Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals course.

Developer Works Blockchain Essentials V2

The Blockchain Essentials V2 course by Developer Works is also one of the top online blockchain courses. It is ideal for beginners aspiring to understand blockchain technology and its impact on business problems. Interestingly, the course prepares learners for development of applications with chain code.

Candidates can commit only 3 hours tocomplete this free online course to strengthen their command over blockchain essentials. The course contains updates in IBM blockchain, thereby providing an enterprise advantage for learners. The video lectures in this course make it one of the top blockchain courses online with demonstrations' support.

Therefore, the course helps in learning about blockchain for enterprises and dive into critical use cases for demonstrating how technology can contribute value. Learners will also have to prove their learning outcomes from the course with a minimum passing score of 70%. Learners don’t need to satisfy any eligibility prerequisites for taking the course. The comprehensiveness of this course is also evident in the topics covered in the course,

  1. Blockchain basics such as definition, business networks, assets, types of blockchain, and blockchain specifications for businesses
  2. In-depth understanding of existing problems regarding ledgers, contracts, and transactions
  3. Examples of blockchain networks and critical aspects such as IBM World Wire and IBM Food Trust
  4. Support of IBM for blockchain projects and the IBM blockchain strategy
  5. Demonstration of transferring assets in blockchain for vehicle lifecycle use cases
  6. Linux Foundation Hyperledger project
  7. Hyperledger Fabric
  8. Decentralized and trusted identity


The two blockchain courses mentioned in this discussion are associated with the mark of trust. On one hand, 101Blockchains has the trust of more than 11,000 enterprise blockchain professionals alongside many notable enterprises. Simultaneously, the role of IBM as a pioneer in blockchain technology is a formidable mark of trust.

Therefore, you don’t need to look any further for the best blockchain courses as you have these available options. The comprehensive coverage of enterprise blockchain use cases in these courses is the striking highlight for all blockchain beginners. So, give your blockchain career the ideal start by registering for these two courses right now!