La Española Beauty Supply to Offer Products to Customers in the United States

Manatí, Puerto Rico: La Española Beauty Supply, which offers a wide range of the highest quality beauty products, accessories, and salon equipment, will be serving customers in the United States. La Española’s specialty products, which are highly rated and regarded by the clientele, are currently not available for sale anywhere in the United States.

La Española Beauty Supply is a key player in the cosmetics industry in many Latin American countries. Based in Puerto Rico, they develop and sell some of the highest quality cosmetological products in the world and offer them at unbeatable prices. Currently, they serve many markets in Puerto Rico and Central and South America, but anticipate higher sales to customers in the United States and then throughout the rest of the world.

La Española’s current customer base relies on them not only to provide the best eyebrow products, professional salon supplies, hair products, nail care products, and makeup but also to provide them with professional beauty supply online as well as equipment.

Their inventory of makeup, hair and nail care products, and much more is completed by the equally impressive collection of professional salon equipment, and many of their customers also rely on them to buy salon products online. In their online store, they offer specialty salon equipment, including paraffin ovens, griddles and dryers, blowers, nail polishers, a variety of cutting machines and lamps, and even depilation ovens.

In addition to their impressive assortment of makeup, hair and nail care products, other beauty supplies, and specialty salon products, La Española Beauty Supply also extends the best customer service in the industry to its clients. Their online and in-store shoppers rely on them as much for their professional advice and consultation as they do for their low prices and great selection.

These are benefits that La Española Beauty Supply expects to be able to extend to new customers in the United States and elsewhere. Interested customers can rely on them not only for quick and accurate assessments of products but also for beauty consultations. La Española Beauty Supply provides not only excellent advice to salon owners but also offers free beauty consultations to its customers.

Customers can send in pictures for free consultations from La Española’s team of trained cosmetologists, adding to their list of specialized services. In addition, their in-store shoppers can profit from the frequent beauty seminars they hold for the benefit of their customers.

Customers who are interested in learning more about La Española Beauty Supply’s upcoming plans for expansion are asked to contact them directly. Any queries regarding these plans, their products, or their consultation services should be directed to them via phone or email. They can be reached at 787-884-2363 or by email at [email protected]

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