JWK Credit Application Seeks to Ease Buyer’s Worries

East Providence, Rhode Island: Having been in business for over 90 years, John W. Kennedy Company has worked with many titans of the industry and is aware of what is required to be successful in a competitive environment. The company acknowledges the need to build relationships in the industry to succeed.


Offering a varied range of products in the petroleum industry both in bulk and small quantities, and having worked with large-scale and small-scale clients, John W. Kennedy Company is well aware of what a specific client might need at a time.


Due to the current financial condition of the world and the need to keep businesses running, the company has decided to offer a credit application option to its customers. The application can be obtained from their website; it specifies clear language that indicates the terms of credit and the conditions in case merchandise is returned.


Taking into account some small-scale clients’ considerations, there’s a 60-day time period before implementing any interest charges. Once the time period has passed, the company charges 1.5% interest per month. To make the process easier, the company adds all taxes and delivery charges to the amount.


Speaking about the credit application, a representative of the John W. Kennedy Company stated, “The reason we remained in business for so long was that we care more about the people who work with us rather than the bottom line. There are plenty of clients, both small and large, that rely on our products to run their stores and stations; we realize that our partners needed our help. Along with our credit application, we also offer financing and leasing options for those looking to expand their business but lack the cashflow. It’s important to us that people in this business remain encouraged to keep going.”

With the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the consumption of petroleum products, it was clear that owners of gas stations and stores were going to feel the brunt of it, but initiatives like these go a long way in sustaining the industry.

About the John W. Kennedy Company  

Based in East Providence, John W. Kennedy Company is an authorized service contractor and a leading petroleum equipment supplier since 1930. The company’s products and services include gas station supplies, shop services, and training programs for gas station employees and owners.

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