It is a fact that wedding ceremonies are highly expensive and it is very important for you to jot down things that are extremely necessary for the wedding. The main reason behind it is that you must prioritize your spendings. You should know how you want the wedding to be, the people you want to invite, and many other little things. Other than this, make sure you and your partner prepare for the first year of married life. It is obvious that you would not go for buying a home or starting a family right after marriage. You can always take help from the best wedding planner in Delhi in order to make your special day even more special. Have a look at some incredible ideas on cutting wedding costs without compromising with the quality.


It is a great idea to have your wedding at your home or some native place because you will save a hefty amount of money on the rental cost. Other than that, you will be able to provide catering on your own, and hence reduce the cost of food and beverage.


If you are the one who has been planning for a religious wedding, you definitely not compromise with that. However, if this is not the case, you can simply go for civil marriage at the registered office. You will find it much cheaper as compared to two other ways of the wedding ceremony. Consider not getting married on Saturday because it is the most expensive thing you would ever do. The best days of cutting costs down at weddings are Friday and Sunday.


The costs of decorating the venue can be very heavy on your pocket. try to craft decorations on your own or ask your family and friends to help you with that. It will be so beautiful to make your own confetti with flowers. It's not just about cutting the cost but also how excited you are for the wedding. Try joining some online classes to learn the skills.


If you want the entertainment factor to be the best, consider going for a luxury wedding planner in Delhi to make your special day the way you want. You can ask your friends not to gift you anything, instead, provide perfect entertainment. You can arrange party games, make someone sing who is good at it, and have a dance floor to flaunt your moves. Although there are many other aspects you can consider when it comes to reducing the overall cost of your wedding ceremony, these are some of the most relevant. Considering all the tips given above would definitely help you cut the costs without cutting the quality. However, to make the wedding more delightful and that too under your budget, simply go for the best destination wedding planner in Delhi and just enjoy it.


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