How to get beautiful human hair naturally at home

How to get beautiful human hair naturally at home
How to get beautiful human hair naturally at home

If you follow hair colouring trends, you may have come across the term "virgin hair". But what exactly that is and what it involves? Here is a hint for you - we are born with it. In this article, we are taking you on a journey on how to best take care of the virgin hair wig and things to pay attention to. Simply put, virgin hair is hair that has never been colour-treated or chemically processed in anyways, meaning it is also completely free from perms, bleaches, colour treatments and dyes. But once hair has been treated, it can never go back to being a virgin. When it comes to virgin human hair, one of the main concerns is how to best take care of it and what steps should be into a place that it can last longer and maintain its shine. 

1.Treat it like your own hair 
Just like your own hair, you need to treat your lace front wig with love and care that it lasts longer and maintains its advantages. Virgin hair will last longer due to the fact that they have never been coloured before. 

2.Quality over price 
When it comes to buying virgin hair, you should see it as an investment. The high-quality ones are a bit more expensive than the weave next door, but it is worth every penny. By spending a few more bucks on your virgin hair, you get a higher quality that will eventually last longer making you win in the long run.

3.High-quality care products
As we mentioned before, because virgin hair is of high quality, that should be matched with high-quality care products too. Good quality shampoo, conditioner and treatments should be part of the routine. And always remember, your human hair lace wig is as important as your own hence it is important to effort into it.

4.Washing, conditioning and moisturising 
Just like your own hair, washing, conditioning and moisturising is part of the routine. Excess washing and conditioning can make your products lose their shine and the same happens when you don't wash it enough either. Experts recommend washing your hair two to three times during the week and once per weekend. Conditioning and moisturising it will also keep your hair very soft and shiny. This part is extremely important as our own hair gets its ingredients from the scalp, while the virgin human hair lace wig does not. This is why moisturising is important and ensures you maintain your hair’s shiness. 

5.Remove them when working out and during the sleep 
You do not want your real hair wig to come in contact with sweat or anything misty. You can simply remove it before your workout. In the same way, you should also remove the virgin hair wig when going to sleep and put it back when you wake up. We move quite a bit during the sleep so that would not be good for the wig. 

Virgin hair could be a great choice and could improve your own experience, you should be careful and follow the route which will help you always get the best out of it. So make you are aware of the basics and how to take care of your bundle, treat it as your own hair and make it gets everything it needs to maintain it shiny and soft. Westkiss hair provides virgin hair with the best quality, there is the most popular Brazilian virgin human hair. 

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