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According to the reports of 15th July 2020, Sydney, the two primary concerns that are recently topping the list of considerations for most of the car manufacturers are the fuel efficiency and the lighter weight. Steel is no longer the initial choice of material in the making of the car parts and bodies on the basis of this situation here. The materials currently are being used and developed despite its varied benefits. The smash repair Petersham professionals stated that cars are quite difficult to be repaired compared to that of steel.

Aluminium is the material that does not respond in a similar manner as that of steel when they are being worked on due to its special qualities that are possessed by these. For successfully straightening, welding and repairing it, special equipment and techniques need to be used. Different types of alloys, along with various strengthening treatments that are applied usually serve to further complicate the repair of the cars with the structures that are made of aluminium after a collision.

It can easily lead to the material becoming quite brittle and the car losing its structural integrity with things as simple as the application of the wrong temperature. Most of the car manufacturers usually advise the collision repair shops to make use of the structural adhesives as well as the rivets while they are working on the aluminium structures within the vehicles in order to avoid this.

There has been a trend where the carmakers usually certify particular collision repair shops that are designated for the vehicles that they are producing with these developments. After the fulfilment of certain requirements that prove that they have the requisite skilled labour and the equipment to effectively repair the cars that are produced by the specific manufacturer, these brands specific shops are certified in this.

The carmakers require to be compelled to freely distribute the repair information to any parties who request it for making sure that this trend does not kill the competitive business. Some of the manufacturers have started the production of the cars having the carbon fibre structures that are much durable and stronger than that of the steel and the repair shops will have to keep with the rapid developments that they are undergoing.

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