Hair Dyeing is so Harmful, Should We Wear Men`s Hair System

How can I have a golden men`s hair system? Many boys like ever-changing styles, and they can’t wait to give their hair a color a day like changing clothes. Almost every boy likes European and American blonde hair and some exaggerated colors. Hair replenishment and weaving experts pointed out that changing the color of the hair appropriately can make a person's face look softer.

It is enough to buy the men`s hair system that has been dyed. When you are changing your image in pursuit of beauty, have you ever thought that the hazards of regular hair dyeing can cause serious health problems? We all know the hazards of dyeing hair, but are you clear about the hazards of hair dyeing?

One hazard of dyeing hair:

The most common hazard of frequent hair dyeing is contact dermatitis. But using a wig will not touch this hair dye. The p-phenylenediamine contained in the hair dye is an allergen, and some people will react to this allergen. After using the hair dye, eyelid swelling and redness of the skin may occur. Some people may even experience unbearable itching, which requires allergy medications to be effective. Although this phenomenon can subside, it will reappear if you are exposed to the allergen again.

Two hazards of dyeing hair:

The chemical ingredients in the hair dye contain ingredients related to hitting and causing cancer. At present, the hair dyes on the market, no matter which brand they are, are marked with the chemical composition of "azo dyes." Because no matter which kind of hair dye is added, it will be difficult to color or easily fade. However, it has been proven in the medical profession that this ingredient can cause bladder cancer. So it is better to wear a wig than to dye your hair.

Three hazards of dyeing hair:

I don't dare to dye my hair, although I have dyed it once before. The main hazard of hair dyeing is through the skin to the hair follicles to the body and finally to the bloodstream. Studies have shown that hair dyes may destroy blood cells because they are too high in concentration or dye the hair too frequently, leading to lymphoma and leukemia. In addition, the harmful chemical components in the dye need to be metabolized by the liver and kidneys after passing through the human body, and will cause damage to the liver and kidneys repeatedly for a long time.

The scalp contains the most and densest hair follicles in the human body, and the chemical components in the hair dye will enter the human body in large quantities through these hair follicles. Therefore, it is harmful to the human body. Not only that, even if the components of the hair dye do not enter the body through the hair follicles, the chemical components can also enter the body and cause harm to the human body after volatilization. Therefore, you must not dye your hair and wear a men`s hair system when necessary.