“Growing with Experienced & Out-of-Box Thinking Web Developers” - JanBask Digital Design

JanBask Digital Design, a digital solutions company, takes pride in growing with an army of decades experienced web developers --- who develop fully customized & purposeful website solutions for varied business types. 

JanBask Digital Design recently took over the internet and shared its recipe for growth. The company shared “it feels like yesterday when we were starting from scratch and now we have an army of professional, experienced, and far-sighted website developers and designers --- who are just unstoppable, it just feels like striking another milestone”.

The senior website developer and project head at JanBask Digital Design added - “Our aim has always been to engineer the website kinds that are smart, responsive and purposeful for businesses to operate, and helps them get measurable & tangible results. It is because of our growing team of experienced and new-age developers that we know have a more highlighted & streamlined development process fractioned into 7 deep stages, where:

  • In the first stage - We gather the business’s requirements, their goals, search for their business purpose.

  • In the second stage - We plan, create a sitemap, and wireframe for the asked product.

  • In the third stage - Our designers design the page structure and layout by keeping the brand theme & identity in sync.

  • In the fourth stage - Our content marketing connoisseurs take place to plan and implement the business’s target audience’s convincing and SEO optimized web copy.

  • In the fifth stage - With a sitemap, collating the content, design elements, frameworks, popular CMS, our developers’ code website to reality.

  • In the sixth stage - We conduct performance testing, A/B testing to ensure a secure & usable website.

  • In the seventh stage - We deploy the website in the target market and follow it to stack the latest updates & maintenance needs.

“Our years-long experienced developers and designers know how to create a website from scratch. They have hand-on experience in creating exceptional & usable eCommerce websites to any custom website development for every business model as B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C, government entities, etc --- by following the ethical website development guidelines & W3C standards” - they added.

The clients who have had synergy with this digital solutions company found inroads to great and digestible website development solutions prepared by experienced ones, a glimpse of which is visible in their dedicated “Case Studies” and “Portfolio” sections of the website.

About JanBask Digital Design

JanBask Digital Design is an innovation-led Digital Solutions company that offers all range of website development to internet marketing solutions to businesses/industries of every different scope & size --- based on their shared timeline, budget, and customization requirements. The team aims at building not just websites, but websites that are marketable and best at roping in invaluable customer success, brand identity, and ROI to businesses.

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