Get Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at Just £395 at London Teeth Whitening

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at Just £395 at London Teeth Whitening
Get Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment at Just £395 at London Teeth Whitening

London, UK, 27th August, 2021- Everyone longs for shiny and bright smile that matches their amazing personality and appearance. Due to increasing popularity of the dental practice, London Teeth Whitening thinks of to give a major discount on Enlighten teeth whitening only. Now you can obtain professional teeth whitening treatment from just £395.

In an interview the principal dentist discloses that, “We are very popular dental clinic in London catering all sorts of whitening treatment alongside cosmetic dentistry to the patients. Our clinic is run by skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist with dedication and passion. We do care of the healthy gums and tooth of the patients.

Over time, it’s natural to get the teeth stained due to age, wine, tea and coffee. Our dentist can help you to obtain white teeth in no time using the most lucrative whitening solution. We always care for your desire of having attractive and healthy smile and retain your beautiful appearance.”

Amongst numerous whitening procedures, enlighten teeth whitening is the method that helps in offering bright teeth up to 16 shades with less number of dental visits. On the first visit dental impression will be taken to send the laboratory to obtain customised whitening trays which will get delivered within 2 weeks.

In the meantime, you are advised to brush the teeth using hydroxyapatite toothpaste twice a day. This will alleviate the chance of sensitivity as well. During your next appointment bleaching tray will fit properly on the teeth equipped with whitening gel. Now it has to be worn for almost two weeks.

Afterwards an appointment will be arranged to conduct the long 40 minutes whitening procedure in which you can restore the lost natural whiteness of the teeth. You will get natural smile which will last long. You can visit at to know more about treatment and offers.

About the company

London Teeth Whitening is a reputed and acclaimed dental clinic in Wimpole Street London having skilled and qualified cosmetic dentists. The team of experienced dental professionals render most efficient oral solutions to your oral issues. They are likely to give complete safety and care throughout the entire treatment period including important advices to follow. 

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