Elijah G. Manyon; Being lost, I never thought I had found God, then he found me

Born on July 24 1999, I grew up being extremely ignorant to what nature was really like. At the age of three months, I was strucked  by a sudden lightning which led to my blindness. At this age, I did not have a real sense of what life was truely like. With this new challenge, I was Abandoned by my biological father ,  when I was a young child, and I was left with my mother only, leaving me with no option but to accept life as it already was. These were difficult times, but as I grew up, I was always told by the people around me that I could still make it. They told me that things would be all right, but I remember asking myself “Why?”Why was this going on? Why was I abandoned by my father when I was a child? Why did I feel this way?
All of these “whys.” In asking that, I found out some things were just out of my control; I couldn’t do everything on my own. I thought that there had to be something bigger to make sense of what was happening in my life.

It must have been God calling me. 

In 2008, I was taken at the Institute for the Blind where I began acquiring all of the necessary skills that I needed as a Visually Impaired in order to live a normal life. This was where I saw the real nature of God. 
This was when I realize that it was God speaking.

I remember sitting at chapel one day when God spoke to me.
It’s crazy how God will come to you even in the most small, subtle ways — maybe even a whisper. He told me “You don’t have to do this alone. You’re not by yourself.”
At that moment, I realized God had always been there — since I was a very small child even. Even though I thought I was doing things on my own, I couldn’t have done anything without Him.
When that happened, I knew God could only be my present hope. If I truly believed in Him, everything would take care of itself.
And it did.
All of a sudden, I noticed things were changing. I felt more of a peace within me and a peace about my situations. Through the training I received from the CEO and President of the Liberia Christian Association of the Blind Mr. Beyan G. Kota, and many innovative teachers, I learned and trusted God with everything I had and decided to give it all to Him.

Since then I’ve taken on that responsibility. As I grew up,  I began to discover a lot of things for myself,  and today I am blessed to know that I am really independent through the Liberia Christian Association of the blind. 
I cannot even imagine what life would be like, had God not come in. 


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