Design Vegha

DesignVegha India Pvt Ltd has launched DesignVegha, the first-time release of its interior design software portfolio, which assures speed and high-quality outputs for interior designers anytime from anywhere. Armed with 10,000 ready-to-use free 3D models, DesignVegha enhances the designers' interior design capabilities and workflow management skills. The software supports effortless sketching, documentation, data management, and rendering, all of which help designers to get their work done faster.


DesignVegha users can also expand their capabilities by connecting to the portfolio to overcome their design challenges, from design to delivery, and accelerate a cloud-based collaborative innovation.


DesignVegha includes performance enhancements and expanded functionalities that support design enthusiasts. The DesignVegha team also offers free training options to hone the interior design skills for anyone interested in interior or exterior home designs.


At the launch, the director of DesignVegha, Raghav Balasubramanian, revealed that this release is the first phase of the interior design software. He confirmed that the second phase's goals include creating an ecosystem of all manufacturers, suppliers, and designers within one platform.

Design Vegha Chennai, India | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia