Cryptocurrency TTT “The Transfer Token” to be listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency TTT “The Transfer Token” to be listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange

On May 24th, 2021, the cryptocurrency token TTT (The Transfer Token), issued by Atom Solutions Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Atom Solutions), shall be newly listed on the cryptocurrency exchange

With this, the trading pair of “TTT/USDT” is set to be opened for trading. is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in Hong Kong.

The biggest feature of this exchange lies in the construction of the world’s first socialized cryptocurrency trading platform.

With English, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, etc., communities of various languages are provided, and here users can gather information such as trending currency pairs and markets in real time.

For those not content on just gathering information, it is possible to join in on chats, allowing users to gain a deeper perspective on the cryptocurrency market.

With the continuous expansion of such a strong and tightly-knit community on both sides, supported by social networks, it is to be expected that the number of users and the trading volume will increase exponentially.

(Currently, the number of users on’s platform exceeds 7 million, and support centers to support the services are operating in various parts of the globe such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Spain, etc.)

In counting, this listing on is the second exchange this month that TTT has been listed on.

Atom Solutions, until now and from here on, by taking various measures to increase the liquidity and raise the price of TTT, aims to further expand on the convenience and profitability of all of its users.

■Details regarding TTT

TTT “The Transfer Token” is a token issued by Atom Solutions, and its greatest feature is that on the platform “Eternal Wallet”, also developed by Atom Solutions, by holding or lending out TTT, users are eligible for dividends which are distributed through the wallet.

These features, essential to both TTT and Eternal Wallet, are what makes possible the world’s best overseas remittance.

■Details on Atom Solutions

Atom Solutions is a Japanese FinTech corporation with 10 years of experience and achievements since its conception. In addition to abundant expertise in financial and technology sectors, we have filed for and obtained several patents related to our lending and Pool functions and much more. Armed with these we aim to realize “The world’s highest received amount upon overseas remittance”.

In our sights is not only Japan, not only Asia, but all countries across the globe. In the near future we aim to expand the number of countries where our services can be used worldwide and intend to deliver the best possible service to our users.


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