Cookeville to Launch Community Volunteer Engagement Portal by NextBee

 Mayor Ricky Shelton of Cookeville TN plans to launch a community volunteer engagement portal this month with help from NextBee, the leading community engagement solution provider in the U.S. The announcement comes at a time when the entire world is battling COVID-19 and Cookeville, being a strong community, seeks to proactively guide the participation of volunteers to help their fellow residents.

The community volunteer engagement portal is being designed to accelerate volunteer enrollment, enable volunteers to provide relief, allow volunteer coordinators to easily coordinate efforts, and ensure there is focused volunteer communication available especially when a supply of essential items and work is needed for Cookeville residents.

As a part of the program, volunteers will receive incentives as rewards and social badges for their relentless enthusiasm and contribution to the Cookeville community.

NextBee CEO Ashish Mohole says, "The entire world is facing a common threat. It is important that each individual starts from where they are now and does what they can at their level. We know from our Cookeville staff that the community has always been a vibrant one that supports each other when help is needed. The Cookeville Community Volunteer Engagement Program will aim to celebrate the spirit of participation and harmony within the community by motivating people to assist those in need."

The Cookeville Community Volunteer Engagement Program extends beyond the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic and facilitates emergency support, calamity relief, and event volunteering.

Here's how the program intends to achieve this:

Unified Platform for Enrollment: People want to help, but they don't know where to start. The portal will act as a unified platform for volunteers to sign up and start contributing.

Missions and Tasks: Volunteers can choose from a list of volunteer "missions" and tasks, such as meal preparation, delivery of essential items, and facilitating community events.

Team Goals: Support is best provided during the crisis when offered as a team. With NextBee's community building and engagement solution, teams can be created and volunteers can do the needed work as a group and team.

Tracking: The platform will offer both event staff and volunteers the ability to track progress, allowing them to accelerate efforts as and when required.

Rewards: Each volunteer will receive reward points for completing designated tasks. The reward points will be able to be redeemed in the online reward catalog.

Social Recognition: Volunteers deserve attention for their efforts. The platform allows them to upload photos of their volunteer efforts. They can show off and celebrate the changes they've made, no matter how big or small.

Acknowledgment of Efforts: For continued motivation, it is imperative that efforts are appreciated. Volunteers and staff members can share kudos within the community and publicly acknowledge individual contributions. This not only strengthens the bond among community members but also sets the tone for other volunteers to increase their efforts.

Resource Sharing: Sharing is caring. Through the platform, volunteers can upload helpful resources to quickly generate awareness and boost community alignment and help others with needed resources.

The Cookeville community volunteer engagement program will tie into Better Cookeville, a 501c4 organization founded in 2016 to connect local partners, promote events, and strengthen bonds within the community. Since inception, Better Cookeville has continued to drive economic and cultural development by boosting collaboration and business growth.

Supported by the likes of Ford & Lincoln of Cookeville, Rogers Group, Twin Lakes, Averitt, Wilson Bank & Trust, Coca Cola Bottling, First National Bank, Tennessee Tech University, Real Estate Professionals of TN, Kicks 106.9 and LiteRock 95.9, Cash Express, The District Creative, CRMC, Putnam County, City of Cookeville and other partners, the platform aims to use the Cookeville Community Volunteer Engagement Program as a seamless addition for enhancing the vibrant Cookeville community.

About NextBee: NextBee is a community development and engagement solution provider that creates cutting edge engagement programs via their AI and Machine Learning system. For the past 10 years, NextBee has delivered its technology as a service to the world. Our award-winning engagement marketing platform automates the full lifecycle of loyalty, referral, and advocacy efforts with NextBee offering personalized solutions for integration, implementation and fulfillment services and the most robust project tracking and back-office administration functions available. NextBee delivers community engagement solutions and supports non-profit organizations at each step of their journey.

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