Collection of Gun Holster Bets at Sarco, Inc. Rounds out Selection of Firearms Parts and Accessories

Collection of Gun Holster Bets at Sarco, Inc. Rounds out Selection of Firearms Parts and Accessories

Easton, PA: For collectors and others interested in hard-to-find militaria and historically significant arms that have played significant (and more obscure) parts in the movements of the world’s armed forces, Sarco Inc.’s catalog offers a welcome dive into the annals of history.

Their online selection alone features a wealth of parts and accessories for some of the most infamous platforms in history. Shooters and collectors looking for parts to service their Lee-Enfield rifles, M1903s, M1 Garands or Mausers will find no shortage of help in Sarco Inc.’s collection. Their assortment of parts and accessories is just as impressive in their showroom in Easton, Pennsylvania, and their service, and comprehensive, encyclopedic knowledge of their industry, is second to none.

Rounding out their commendable assortment of firearms parts and equipment are their shooting accessories, which include magazines, loaders, slings, gun holster belts, and much more. To customers that are looking to complete a historical display, or actually effectively carry their arms, carry holsters is no matter of vanity. For open and concealed carry alike, the holster a firearm owner chooses to use can make quite an impact on the practicality and safety of the practice.

Sarco Inc. does not specialize or advocate for only one type of gun holster belt or carry option, instead offering a wide variety of choices to their customers. They recognize that personal preference, legality, and the size and weight of the firearm itself can significantly impact the user’s decision.

Consequently, Sarco Inc. offers its customers a great deal of variety for its customers to choose between, depending on what their preferences are for carry in gun belts. Sarco Inc’s online collection alone contains many high-quality examples of leather gun belts purposely designed to enable OWB, shoulder carry, IWB and more. There is no one-size-fits-all approach at Sarco Inc. Their customer service team is committed to providing precisely what their customers need.

Quality is also at the heart of Sarco Inc.’s operations, along with historical accuracy, where applicable. Customers interested in a full-size belt leather belt holster for a 1911 or a shoulder holster for a smaller, compact model of pistol or revolver will be well served by the diversity of offerings in their catalog.

Sarco Inc’s customer service is also without rival. Any customers that are looking to consult the minds of shooting experts before settling on either a specific model of a handgun or on a gun holster belt to carry it can take advantage of Sarco Inc.’s extensive firearms knowledge and experience.

Customers interested in learning more about the availability of the holsters are encouraged to visit Sarco Inc. online or at their physical location. Customers can visit their website,, or their storefront at 50 Hilton Street in Easton, Pennsylvania. Customers may also choose to reach out to Sarco Inc. beforehand via phone at 610-250-3960.

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