Collaborate with the Best Biomedical Illustrators

Collaborate with the Best Biomedical Illustrators
Collaborate with the Best Biomedical Illustrators

28th Dec 2020, Maastricht, Netherlands: The studio recently released a press meet talking about the team’s passion for art and science and how their illustrations help take the concepts to the audience.

“Biotic Artlab is the passion and brainchild of three friends- Ezra, Margot, and Tiffany. We met in 2018 in an attic studio at Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht, Netherlands. Our passion for medical illustrations, our knowledge and expertise in different fields, and our desire to help researchers and doctors easily communicate with their audience gave us the idea to start Biotic Artlab.

Medicine graphic design allows us to translate medical ideas and concepts into visual art to facilitate easy understanding of even the most complex conditions and theories from the field of medicine. We accept clients from all over the world and have virtual meetings to discuss the projects. Clients who are in the Netherlands and Belgium can visit our studio for face-to-face meetings. Our working process is as elaborate and detailed as our illustrations.

We deliver only the best versions to our clients, that too, after getting their approval on the sketches. Clients can get the final illustrations/ animations in a digital format of their choice. We are always available to talk about our work. Clients can reach us through our email id.”

The team has a 6-step process in place, starting with the clients contacting the team with the project details and ending with the deliveries of the illustrations made in the specified digital format.

The team first sends a detailed project proposal with information about the scope of the project, the type of illustrations, and the cost. They start working after the proposal has been approved and signed by the client. The trio also asks the clients to share as many details as possible so that they can do full justice to the project.

Apart from medical illustrations, the team also works on medicine graphic design, animation, and product designs (for the medical field).

About the Company: Biotic Artlab ( combines medical science and art to create wonderfully compelling visual illustrations and animations to share with the audience. The team works with researchers, doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions to facilitate patient and student education.

Via Regia, 6216 BT Maastricht, Netherlands