Changing the screen of your iPhone X

Changing the screen of your iPhone X

If what you are looking for is an exceptional result, not just any site will do. The iPhone X is not only priced significantly higher than the smartphone market average. Its repairs are expensive too, and iPhone X screen repair takes the cake.

There is, but not every site can mount an OLED screen . Some try to cut costs and try to bait and mount an LCD screen.

And what happens if the price to change is too high. you can sell your iPhone X and get the new iPhone 12 that way .

At you can sell your used mobiles and get money for them.
Extra money
Today, the sale of second-hand technology on the internet is fashionable, and believe it or not, they pay more than you think.

Like any product, the more time passes since its purchase, the less value it will have, both due to the condition of the terminal itself and due to the lag in its technology.

If it is presented in good condition, you have taken good care of it and it shows, you will receive better offers.

And do not think that because it is damaged or broken it does not work, because yes, they will pay you for it, obviously the offer will be less, but you can get rid of it anyway. Whatever state it is in, you can earn money with it.

Terminal reuse
This concept is important, as reuse is in trend today. Many terminals that in Europe do not find their way out, must be sold to other countries where there is a very consolidated second-hand market. In this way they develop commerce and communications, and your contribution with your old terminal will be of great help.

And in the same way, if the sale is made in Europe, you will be helping the reuse of terminals, since other people who need one and cannot buy a new one, will have access to this solution.

Phones that register the most breakdowns and failures

To decrease the pollution
Being aware that our mobile phone will become a source of contamination and therefore trying to avoid it is undoubtedly one of the best reasons for selling used mobile phones instead of throwing it away.

The terminals, as we know them, are made with highly toxic components, especially these are located in the battery, which produces high contamination once we get rid of them.

Sales with security
Selling used mobiles is the best option, but be careful. There are sales pages on the Internet, which can be dangerous, so you should always make the sale with a consolidated company, which gives you guarantee and security.

One of the security guarantees that can be found on the Internet, and the most reliable, is the online trust seal. This seal guarantees us commitment, in case there were any problems after the sale.


Movil off is one of these companies, and just by clicking on the quality seal that is in the lower right corner, you will be able to have access to all its data.

This is an extra guarantee, which not all websites have, and which exponentially increases confidence in the sale of used cell phones.

Cleaning house
We have now reached the last benefit of this article. Getting rid of a polluting electrical appliance that we do not use should be an obligation. Therefore, look at home for all the old terminals you have and propose to get rid of them, and also get some extra money.

We hope that with these indications, you will be encouraged to sell your old mobiles, if you can think of any more benefits so it is important to sell used mobiles, go ahead, with more reason do it.

Why sell mobile phones on 
Depending on the brand and model of mobile, in addition to its operating status, we can offer you up to 400 euros.

So, so simple, without costing you anything, and with minimal effort.

You only indicate the data that we request on the web, and wait. In a few days you receive your payment in account.

We pick it up for free at your home
It is obvious to think that we charge for shipping costs, but we do not.

The courier comes to your home for free, picks up your mobile and brings it to our facilities.

You will not have to pay anything for it.

We pay you in less than 7 days
Once it arrives at the store, we value it in record time . There are cases in which, in just 2 days, we have valued the terminal.

With what the time that the user waits until we enter their money is minimal.

We are a trusted online store
We have the Maya Cellular parts, two marks that guarantee the security and transparency of the online store.

We give you all the peace of mind in our valuation and payment processes. And we do not say it, they are our stamps.

Wide variety of makes and models
Iphone and Samsung are the most popular brands , but you can also sell your Blackberry, Nokia, HTC or Acer, among many other brands.

And best of all, you don't have to worry if the phone doesn't work. We also value it.

Ease of ordering
It takes only 3 clicks until the sales order has been registered in our system. Obviously, you have to fill in some data, but only in 3 steps.

We access the Store
We write our brand and / or phone model in the search box. Example: Samsung Galaxy s5
We select our model and check the box "The phone works correctly" / "The phone does not work" depending on whether our phone is functional or not.
We add our phone number to the cart and fill in our data for the courier service
To wait for the collection of our telephone and its evaluation
Receive the money that corresponds to our phone
Enjoy online mobile sales!
How easy is it, if anyway you don't see it clearly, here is a very practical video tutorial, where the whole process is explained step by step

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