Bid Desk Analytics Expands Antimicrobial Products List in Response to Forecasts of Extended Work from Home Policies

Google, Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the companies that have announced that employees who were forced to work from home as a result of COVID-19 will be able to continue working at home indefinitely after the pandemic ends. And, a recent Gartner study of more than 300 CFOs and business finance leaders found that nearly 74% expect some of their employees to continue working remotely post-pandemic. In response to the anticipated extensions of work from home policies, and the attention its list of antimicrobial school and office products has received, Bid Desk Analytics has announced that it has expanded the online list ( to include household protected products, safety protective products and preventive cleaning products.

Bid Desk launched the initial list of products In April as a public service to Americans working from home and homeschooling, The antimicrobial products on the free online list ( were identified in Bid Desk's database of state, local government and education public contract details as being products used by government offices and school districts nationwide.

Since then, the number of offices and school products has expanded thanks to manufacturers responding to Bid Desk's invitation to add free listings of other relevant products. And now, Bid Desk has announced that it has added products such as antimicrobial air filters and purifiers, door hardware and mop heads, as well as face masks and shields, hand sanitizers and soaps, and spray cleaners, and will continue to expand the list as new products become available.

Consumers can find the list at, and Bid Desk is encouraging media to share a link to the list in any relevant content to help make consumers aware of products to help them create healthy spaces as they continue working from home.

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