Best Blockchain Certifications to Boost Your Career

Best Blockchain Certifications to Boost Your Career

Blockchain has been successful in pervading different sectors other than finance. So, it is completely reasonable for an individual to wonder about the career benefits they can get from the field. With blockchain technology being the next big thing across various industries, blockchain careers are gaining mainstream popularity.

However, the comparatively unstructured and unregulated blockchain education and certification landscape create profound confusion for beginners. On the other hand, blockchain certification shave provided adequate opportunities to many professionals worldwide with their blockchain career aspirations.

Blockchain certifications enable candidates to prove their specialization in a specific job role pertaining to blockchain technology. Therefore, candidates should select the ideal blockchain certification that could set their blockchain career in motion. The following discussion aims to help you find the best blockchain certification choices available right now. 

Blockchain technology has introduced various new functionalities across different sectors, thereby bringing multiple job opportunities. The prospects of using blockchain in digital advertising, cybersecurity, secure cloud storage, and IoT are driving the demand for blockchain careers. Certified professionals can showcase proof of their skills and knowledge in qualifying for an exam or completing a course successfully. So, if you want to establish your career as a credible blockchain professional, then you can go for the following top alternatives,

Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals

Ask any expert, and you will find recommendations for blockchain careers pointing towards earning a fundamental level blockchain certification. The course is available on edX and is offered by Berkeley. The Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals is the most suitable alternative for beginners to boost their career prospects.

The course features prominent attention on Ethereum and Bitcoin along with their blockchain foundations. Candidates can complete the course in around 45 hours and earn the course completion certificate for uniqueness of their skillset. Professionals aspiring for large tech organizations and financial businesses could leverage this certification for learning more about enterprise-level blockchain solutions. 

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The CEBP or Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification is a best blockchain certification on the grounds of various reasons. First of all, it is important to note that the certification provider, 101 Blockchains, has carved a unique reputation in delivering exceptional value in blockchain education and training.

The CEBP certification is the perfect alternative for any individual aspiring to learn about blockchain technology comprehensively. It also presents better insights into the effect of blockchain technologies on enterprise business objectives. The certification is available on 101 Blockchains with a specially tailored training course.

Candidates could easily leverage the training course for gaining the skills and knowledge to qualify for the CEBP certification. You can use the CEBP certification training course to boost your industry knowledge through the support of renowned experts and training instructors. The recognition of 101 Blockchains among the top blockchain certification providers present in the world is a clear reason for you to choose the CEBP certification. 

Certified Blockchain Developer

When you go out searching for the best blockchain certification, then you cannot ignore Blockchain Council, among the alternatives. Certified Blockchain Developer certification by Blockchain Council, as the name implies, is inclined towards the development aspects of blockchain.

The course is highly suitable for different roles such as data administrators and front-end and back-end developers. The certification covers different enterprise blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Corda, and Multichain, Stellar, Ethereum, and others. The Certified Blockchain Developer certification also comes with a bespoke training course aligned with its objectives.

Candidates could complete the training course for Certified Blockchain Developer certification on Blockchain Council within 8 hours. As the demand for blockchain applications in tech companies and banks continues to increase substantially, you can use this certification for landing up lucrative blockchain developer roles. 


There are many other blockchain certifications out there if you want a career in blockchain. After all, blockchain technology is new, and enterprises have different requirements from blockchain solutions. Therefore, the job roles in blockchain labor market would continue to diversify over the coming years.

Furthermore, the maturity of blockchain industry is also another favorable factor for blockchain career opportunities. Certifications offer proof of blockchain skills and knowledge alongside providing avenues for better professional networking. If you are still wondering about your other options, you can explore 101 Blockchains for two more interesting blockchain certifications. Visit their website and explore the certifications now!