Benjamin Shen is Appointed New CEO of QUBYX

Hong Kong, May 31, 2021 -  Board of QUBYX has appointed Benjamin Shen as the new CEO and President of QUBYX from May 1, 2021. Shen is currently a member of the Executive Board and CTO of QUBYX with more than 10 years of experience working at QUBYX.


Shen will fill a gap left by Marc Leppla. Marc was victim of a road traffic accident in the south of France. Marc founded QUBYX in 1997 and invented the PerfectLum software.


“It is a very special honor for me to follow Marc. He had such a tremendous influence on my life and career. With the passionate team at QUBYX, I will work hard to develop new medical systems. As a strong brand, we will continue Marc’s successful work.” says Benjamin Shen


QUBYX’s PerfectLum is a multi-platform, multilingual, full-featured, calibration system with remote management that significantly enhances display performance in all circumstances. More importantly, PerfectLum provides up-to-date industry-specific compliance with medical imaging standards (Including NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF). This is the first time that such industry-specific standards have been achievable on a Mac.

About QUBYX Holding LLC
QUBYX Holding LLC was founded in 1996 by Marc Leppla and was called QUATO in the early years. QUATO did produce scanners and displays for the Photo and PrePress market. It was changed to QUBYX Holding LLC in 2002 and moved its business fully to medical imaging. Today QUBYX is developing software and hardware to calibrate and verify computer displays used to analyze medical images. The flagship software PerfectLum is now released in version 4 and the new autocalibration module QS-S1 is integrated in several medical monitors. QUBYX algorithms for DICOM and colorcalibration are industries leading.

Press Contact: Benjamin Shen Hong Kong China