Atlantic Cigar Offers Rare Perks through Its Members VIP Club

Atlantic Cigar Offers Rare Perks through Its Members VIP Club

Folcroft, PA: Atlantic Cigar, operating from, has long served as the ace up the sleeve of many cigar and tobacco enthusiasts from around the country. The company offers an unrivaled selection of cigars, excellent prices, and free shipping on qualifying orders, along with a range of exclusive cigar accessories, such as lighters and cigar cutters.

Atlantic Cigar selects the finest cigars and tobaccos grown around the world for inclusion in its inventory and then slashes the prices. For years they have enabled cigar smokers with premium tastes the ability to indulge in luxury without paying commensurately.

Patrons who appreciate the luxury of the finest cigars in the tobacco market, from the Arturo Fuente Fuente Opus X to Montecristo Cigars, Gurkha Cigars, Padron Cigars, and RYJs, and other classics, have long been able to turn to Atlantic Cigar for excellent prices. What many may not realize, however, is that Atlantic Cigar offers Membership VIP Benefits that will take the pleasure of shopping with the organization even further.

A membership with Atlantic Cigar comes along with quite a list of exclusive member benefits that double the value of Atlantic Cigar as a retailer of choice, great cigars. With the membership comes the reduced qualifying price of free shipping, saving customers even more money. All orders to Atlantic Cigar qualify for free shipping once they have breached $199; with a membership, this price drops to $150.

Enrollment in the Membership VIP Program also gives members reduced pricing on most items throughout their online store. Atlantic Cigar sets a standard for reduced pricing on premium cigars; members can enjoy even lower prices on the best cigars in the world. Additionally, VIP Members receive periodic access to exclusive members-only deals and discounts.

Along with the membership comes the value of Atlantic Cigar’s newsletter, whereby patrons can learn more about new releases and developments in the world and sphere of fine tobaccos from around the world. Customers in the know never have to worry about missing out on new developments. In fact, they may be the first to learn of them.

Among these more striking benefits, Atlantic Cigar also provides a host of other perks and deals, including pre-order deals, special limited items and releases to members, and even monthly raffles giving away prizes.

For only a few dollars a month, Atlantic Cigar will provide interested customers with a surfeit of extra value including but not limited to the benefits described throughout this release. Interested customers who would like to learn more about the exclusive benefits entailed by their membership program are asked to reach out to Atlantic Cigar directly with comments, questions, and concerns.

Please inquire on their website,, for more information about their membership program, or contact them directly at [email protected] or by phone at 800-887-7877.


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