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Murrieta, California, United States., September 17, 2021 -- Many books will be written about the latent effects of COVID-19 and communities response to the pandemic. Some of the impacts were immediate and obvious, like the forced move to distance learning, and the struggles, schools, and families experienced. The most important factor educators must face is that teachers and students need more than equipment and internet access.

They need(ed) standardization and guidance, which is what the new book, A Fast Track to Online Learning is about. Once this fact is accepted by administration, the dedication of resources to training and development is next. This formula has not and will not change. Until this effort is understood and addressed, teachers will continue to suffer from the fact that today’s curriculum offerings are not well suited for hybrid learning and are not customized to the individuals of each classroom.

Darryl Vidal, Education Technology author and consultant has recently published a revolutionary new framework to help schools develop and deliver curriculum that offers enhanced learning through the use of technology. The framework is called Tier 4 Curriculum, or T4c, and has now been put in practice at schools in Southern California.

Not only does the book define a process for tech-enabled curriculum development, but it also provides the steps and action items required at a school or district to introduce, propose, and organize an in-house curriculum development team to churn out customized curriculum that addresses the needs of its students and community. Why in-house? Because the curriculum offered by the big publishing houses cannot provide the customization and localization that schools' advanced curriculum needs to offer students. Students aren’t cookies, so schools can’t use a cookie cutter.

True customized curriculum is localized and addresses the needs of the students in their community. It must reflect thier social, demographic, cultural and ecomonic diversity. Tier 4 Curriculum is the framework and the 6C methodology is the process defined in A Fast Track to Online Learning.

A Fast Track to Online Learning is intended for all educators that believe schools can do more to address the individual needs of their students, but don't know how to make an impact school- or district-wide. The book describes the role of the education technology "Champion" and lays out a process to raise awareness, define the need, propose and develop a team to rapidly develop and deliver the curriculum using the most advanced technologies and techniques available.

"Fast Track to Online Learning is a powerful manuscript for any size district who is working towards moving the needle in terms of academic progress in the 21st Century. This book guides a variety of users, from classroom educators, to Technology Coordinators and Directors as they make decisions on topics such as Learning Management Systems, technology purchases, device management, and most importantly the standards and curriculum that will drive the appropriate use of technology."
-- John Fox, Educational Services, Murrieta Valley Unified School District

A Fast Track to Online Learning will be released October 15th and is now available for pre-order at all major book sellers.
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