A polygraph test in Los Angeles for under $200 will bring you the truth about your relationship

Los Angeles polygraph examinations are not just for the police and the FBI to use! You can use the exact same equipment and technology to determine the truth about a private matter in yout own life.

Nowadays a polygraph test in Los Angeles is computerized. Amplified, not missing a thing, and using a highly-developed scoring program. In most areas you can not become a law enforcement officer without first passing a polygraph test. You can't join a Federal investigative service (FBI, CIA, NCIS, etc) without first passing a polygraph test. Private examiners are trained and allowed to use the same computerized polygraph instrument to help you determine if you were cheated on, or who stole from you, or many other topics. And the examiner in California with more than 30 years of polygraph experience has lowered his price for a complete exam to under $200, making it afforable to more persons.

When a person lies, decades of Federal study have shown that certain physiological changes occur: moisture changes at fingertips; changes to upper breathing or lower breathing, and to blood pressure. Tax dollars for 60 years have paid for daily study and accuracy improvements to be developed at the US Government Polygraph Academy. That learned data is then used by examiners to make their tests more accurate, trickling down to helping you get the answer to your questions.

.Totally confidential as no names are needed. For a free confidential consultation visit www.PolygraphTestLosAngeles.com or call 818 883-6969 or email [email protected] Start thinking which one to four Yes or No questions could help solve what you suspect. 

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