5 Best Blockchain Certification, Courses & Training

5 Best Blockchain Certification, Courses & Training

Blockchain technology might have been around for almost over a decade now. However, it has been getting the recognition it deserved just about recently as it crossed the barriers of cryptocurrency applications. Although blockchain was initially created for a digital world with full access to highly secure and intermediary-free financial services, it has found applications in many other sectors recently.

Therefore, blockchain education is also gaining demand, with many aspiring blockchain professionals looking for reliable blockchain certification and training courses. However, the prominent challenge lies in selecting the ideal training course or certification for achieving blockchain specialization. Since blockchain research and education are still in the initial stages and completely new, it is difficult to round up suitable options. The following discussion helps you find detailed insights on the top five blockchain courses and certification training courses. 

How to Find the Ideal Blockchain Course or Certification?

With the striking growth in blockchain applications, it is reasonable to find the best blockchain courses. However, you need to look into the essential traits to make a good blockchain course. One of the foremost aspects of a favorable blockchain course refers to orientation of course topics with learners' skill levels. The next favorable highlight in a good blockchain course refers to participation of subject matter experts in creating the courses.

The best block chain training courses would have interactive exercises, including hands-on labs and programming exercises with practical demonstrations. As a result, candidates can get a practical yet simple understanding of all course topics or certification exam objectives. Now, let us look at the different courses and certifications in blockchain domain for aspiring candidates. 

1. Blockchain Council Certified Blockchain Architect 

The Certified Blockchain Architect certification training course on Blockchain Council is a proven instrument for developing in-depth knowledge regarding different blockchain architectures. The blockchain certification course deals with different aspects of blockchain architecture, implementation of blockchain solutions, development of network nodes, and tools required for building a blockchain. Once you have completed the certification training course objectives thoroughly, you can appear for the certification exam. 

2. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification on 101 Blockchains 

101 Blockchains has also become a top alternative for online blockchain courses. The CEBP certification on 101 Blockchains includes a well-planned training course over 4 weeks. Candidates can get around 3 to 4 sessions every week in the certification training course for learning about the exam objectives.

The mark of trust by various organizations such as IBM, Cognizant, Capgemini, Cisco, and many notable industry players for 101 Blockchains shows the right reasons for joining the CEBP certification training course. The CEBP certification also comes with a printable diploma and a digital badge to show your professional communities' achievements. 

3. Udemy Course on Learning Blockchain Development with C++ and EOS

If you are a C++ developer, then this is the best blockchain training course for you. The training course helps in developing comprehensive expertise in blockchain technology for smart contract design and deployment. At the same time, the course is also helpful for learning more about the decentralized apps ecosystem. The course starts with a recap of basics in C++ programming language followed by developing blockchainEthereum technology. Subsequently, you can explore more about the domain of decentralized applications and best practices for their development. 

4. Blockchain Technology on edX

Aspiring blockchain developers can opt for this online course to learn about blockchain technology in detail. BerkeleyX offers this professional certification training course. The course deals with many topics associated with the foundations of blockchain technology and Bitcoin, followed by building on them.

The course has the backing of the premier Computer Science department of UC Berkeley alongside Blockchain at Berkeley. Furthermore, it also delivers comprehensive insights into different enterprise-scale blockchain implementations, widening regulatory landscape about blockchain, and industry use cases related to blockchain.

5. Advanced Your Skills in the Blockchain on LinkedIn Learning

You may not be aware of the promising blockchain courses that you can avail on LinkedIn Learning. Beginners and intermediate-level developers can utilize this course for starting their blockchain learning journey from ground-zero. The Advance Yours Skills in the Blockchain present a favorable learning path for all aspiring blockchain professionals. The courses help you gain fluency in basic concepts on blockchain and cryptocurrency. You can also gain skills for developing competency skills for Ethereum and Solidity. Furthermore, learners can also develop skills in blockchain programming for iOS. 


You can refer to your learning requirements for finding out suitable online blockchain courses or certifications on a concluding note. Blockchain is opening up new career opportunities. However, it is not reasonable to grab the first course or certification on blockchain that you come across.

On the contrary, take your own time in reviewing the offerings of a particular platform. For example, 101 Blockchains offers many special training courses on blockchain alongside its certification training courses. So, evaluate your options wisely and make a reasonable decision while choosing training courses or certifications in blockchain.